Monday, December 10, 2012

Coasting Along....

The slug line well describes our time of late.  We're cruising along; well prepared for Christmas and anticipating loading and hitching up to head south.  Before then though, we manage to keep busy with a variety of activities.

Many of you who read  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels know that Rick was quite thrilled about this great printer deal he had researched.  Well, we took his advice and purchased the identical printer for a great price @ Best Buy, last week.   How can one go wrong purchasing a $129 printer for the low price of $59?  I set it up on the weekend and, within a short time, the printer was communicating with our two laptops.  I also configured it to print from our desktop but that's only for back up reasons.  The desktop is already connected to an equally good 'all in one' printer.  The reason for this new wireless printer purchase is to take along with us in our RV.

Walking along Brae Island RV Park.
Friday last saw Jeanette and I meet up with Lorne and Mariette for a hike along the Brae Island Park trails.  Although not long trails, they are passable in winter and when one arrives at the west point, along the Fraser River, it's a pretty sight.
Working off the calories with a steady pace.
This park is maintained by Metro Vancouver and, unlike others we hike, the trails here are slightly muddy due to leaves that are composting.  Other park trails are cleared of leaves and are therefore free of mud.  This track was slippery.
It was a pleasant - no rain - brisk walk.
When we got to the end of the trail, we were met by the beautiful sight below. There was no activity that we could see on this river. 

There are lovely multimillion dollar homes that dot the river hillside.
Brae Island separates the town of Fort Langley, BC, with a protected waterway that is popular with kayakers and dragon boat racers.  The mighty Fraser River is on the north side of Brae Island.
Protected waterway between the town and the island
Because the Fraser is a working river, it's quite common to find log booms, boom boats, tug boats and fishing boats plying the waters. It was quiet during out time on the point.
The city of Maple Ridge can be seen on the north side of the Fraser River.
Easton has started crawling and he's getting to be pretty good at it.  I believe he'll be digging into cupboards before long.  Hmmmm,...  I think we may have to rearrange our bottom cupboards with non-breakable / non-hurting kitchen stuff; such as Tupperware.
With teething happening, everything he touches heads directly for the mouth!
He does enjoy playing and keeping himself busy though.
Sunday morning called for a trip to our weekly 'Open Mike' session - (group of guys who get together to solve the world's problems).  Ginette and Trevor had a busy morning of activities so I offered to drop by their place,  at 8:00 am, to take Easton along for our 'Open Mike' coffee.  Might as well indoctrinate him early, don't you think? LOL

Well, Easton did have a good time.  He did not make strange!  Although we were a skeleton 'Open Mike' group, Easton rolled into this with ease.  He spent time getting to know my good friend and golfing buddy, Rick, and he drew the attention of other patrons and staff with his easy smile. For two hours he didn't fuss nor cry!  Amazing little character!  He's so easy going.
"Hey Grand Papa, Rick is a pretty darned nice guy!"
After our coffee session, we drove back to our home. Easton entertained us (between feedings and a really long nap) till his parents came by to collect him and his stuff, mid-afternoon on Sunday.

And that is how we've been coasting along, these past few days!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Glad to hear you got that Epson printer all installed and running.

    I trust Easton contributed significantly to solving all the problems of the world at your 'Open Mike' session. He sure looks like he was having a great time.

    He'll appreciate those outings with his Grandpa more and more as he keeps growing.

  2. Easton is a cute little fellow and I am sure he was a big attraction at your gathering.

    Wish I had waited to get my new printer till after Rick had picked his up. I got an HP 4620 and as yet I haven`t managed to get it to work wirelessly. Oh well I will save that for a rainy day.

  3. Great looking day for a hike...looks like you are ready to hit the road soon!

  4. we know those trails well..sure was a nice day for a walk!!

  5. I think it's wonderful you are willing--and this will sound sexist--as a guy to have total charge of your beautiful Grandson--kudos to you!

  6. Nice to see that you were able to take advantage of that great printer deal. Didn't see it available at Best Buy USA. Some good bonding time with Easton, like the pic's. Have a great Wednesday.