Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let It Snow....cause it will not last!

We were forewarned that our morning would present the view below......and it did!

Check out those big snowflakes from the camera flash!
Although snow is not a new phenomenon on the British Columbia west coast, it's always fodder for TV news, coast to coast. Why you ask?  Because west coast drivers are not known for their abilities to drive in snow.  It rarely snows but, when it does, it's chaotic.
Our 5th wheel hauler is covered it anxiously waits to truly hook up the fiver behind...and head south!
Captured @ 7:30 am
When I opened the front door, to collect my Vancouver Sun newspaper, I thought a few steps in the front yard would return some decent 'flash' photos.  With so little else to blog about, snow can be interesting, considering that by mid-afternoon today, it will all be gone.  It's like a mirage....albeit a slow one!  Our temperatures are slated to rise to +6 Celsius (about 40-43 degrees Fahrenheit).

Although a pretty sight, it truly creates chaos for commuters.  Tire dealers do a booming business, changing out all season tires for the winter kind.  Tow truck companies profit from rushing drivers who slip and slide off the roads, highways and side streets and auto body shops crack open champagne bottles as they celebrate a boom in business.  I guess one could say that snow - albeit short lived - is really good for the local economy.
Back yard view at about 8:30 am.
No outdoor picnic today
I was thinking about unlocking the shed and retrieving the snow shovel....but that thought dissipated quickly.  If I just remain patient, the rain will take care of the snow clearing, only few hours from now.

So, with coffee in hand, my newspaper unfolded, and in the comfort of our home, I can catch up on the news while some unlucky commuter becomes the story about careless driving, on snow covered roads, when speaking to a reporter with a news camera, while impatiently waiting for a tow truck to get him or her back on the road.

It is pretty though.....snow that is!

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  1. Burr, looks cold to me. I am in Martinsville, IN tonight on business and we are supposed to have some snow too...can't wait to get back to Arizona.

  2. I'm in total agreement with your thoughts, Rene. This is a great recap of what a snowy day on the west coast is like.

    It's a perfect time to take it easy, enjoy the season, and sit in front of a nice fire until the rain comes and washes this white stuff away.

  3. It is always fun to watch the folks with their brand new four wheel drive trucks sliding sideways down a steep hill with all four wheels locked up!

  4. now don't forget how they had to close the brand new Port Mann Bridge because of falling ice chunks! so glad you got to enjoy the view of the snow from the comfort of your recliner!!