Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho,...Oh What Fun!

We trust all of our blog readers enjoyed a wonderful Christmas?  We did!
Vancouver Island friends, Gwen and Steve, and Ione from Langley, joined us for a nice lunch this past Christmas eve.
It was great to host a visit with our former White Rock, BC, neighbours and friends who made the trip from Ladysmith, Vancouver Island.  They are spending the Christmas holidays with their two sons who live here in Metro Vancouver.
We enjoyed nice lunch, courtesy of Jeanette's culinary prowess!  Trevor, Easton and Ginette joined us too.
Our friends enjoyed seeing Easton too....and he sure had himself a fun time!
Playing with Dad, Trevor.
Christmas morning saw Jeanette and I over at Trevor, Ginette and Easton's home for breakfast and the opening of Christmas gifts.  They chose to host and we were thrilled to oblige.
Christmas morning. Mom and daughter had to change into the very same pajamas that Trevor had gifted for them.  Cute....cute!
Our son, Deni from Edmonton, 'face timed' with us (on iPhones) as we opened gifts and shared some banter and laughter.  He, and wife  Courtney, are flying into the BC coast this Thursday evening.  We will get to celebrate the season with them.....all over again.  Oh what fun!
I'm pointing the iPhone so that Deni got to see Easton opening his presents.
Near mid-morning, Trevor's family arrived to do their gift opening. It was a great opportunity to share some Christmas time with them too.
L-R  Trevor, his dad Warren, brother Wes and Easton.
L-R  Trevor's brother in law Mark and sister Tracey....
We left Ginette and Trevor's home back for our home to prepare a desert for our next visit on Christmas day; dinner with our long time friends in North Delta.  

Not far from our home is the house below - set on an acreage -  that is the home of a young family.  The mom and dad have really great Christmas spirit!  They placed a comfy wing chair on the roof of the house to welcome Santa and to offer him a brief resting spot.

Can you imagine the young kids waking up, running outdoors to find a nice chair waiting for Santa?  Can you imagine a plate of cookies gone and a glass of milk empty?  What a fun thing to do! Good on them!
It took some doing, on the dad's part, to get that chair up on the roof....but we're sure glad he did.  We got a big chuckle out of that!

Dinner @ Lorne and Mariett'e home.
We enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends and one of their sons, Justin who is leaving within a few days for a one year work and travel experience to Australia.
L-R  Lorne, Mariette, Justin and Cloe, the family dog.
Today - Boxing Day - is a day to focus on loading up our RV while readying to receive more family visitors tomorrow.  Deni and Courtney will arrive from Edmonton.  Ginette, Trevor and Easton will join us as the whole family visits, overnights together at our home, and we enjoy a delayed Christmas breakfast gift opening on Friday morning.  Following that, Deni and Courtney will head to her side of the family to enjoy more Christmas fun before they jet off to Hawaii for their official honeymoon. Trevor, Ginette and Easton will head back home too.

Jeanette and I will clean up the house, complete the required laundry, and complete the RV packing.  We plan to be at the US border by 8:00 am. Saturday morning, December 29th, to begin our winter snow-birding holiday.

So much fun!

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Looks like you all had a great day, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. well what a wonderful day you all had and its not over yet!!! would have been interesting to see that chair being placed up on that and hear the story behind it...have a great holiday season!!

  3. your family really knows how to stretch out Christmas day into a few days! so glad that you had a lovely time with your family and friends!

  4. There's nothing like enjoying the first Christmas with a Grandchild is there? It makes everything so much more fun. BUT, from the looks of things you didn't seem to be having any problems not having fun!

    Nice PJ's Jeanette and Ginette!

  5. Christmas with family and friends, a very special time. And the trip south to look forward to. I never could get the video of your daughter singing to work--it just took me to her FB page--any chance you can re-post it??