Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meeting 5 Star RV/Blogging Friends at a 5 Star Resort

Day two in our journey south and the weather presented intermittent sun between clouds.  It was a good drive from northern to southern Oregon and our next stop at the 5 Star, Seven Feathers RV Resort.  
Typical morning weather - wet and drizzly
By the time we stopped for a brief lunch break, the skies were beginning to clear.
Pleasant break at one of many Oregon rest stops.
Blue sky in sight
When approaching our overnight RV spot, we were thrilled to see bright blue sky and sunshine.  Yea!
The attendant (golf cart guy) will guide us to our spot.
What a place.  It is our fourth or fifth visit here and it's a real treat to be back.  The service and facilities are first class.  Seven Feathers RV Resort deserves its rightful spot in being rated one of the top RV resorts in the US of A.

We made quick time setting up on perfectly level pull through sites. We were looking forward to a nice walk along the creek side and down and around the entire RV park.
All settled in.
Jeanette is sorting some stuff out....and I had to take this photo to prove to us both that there was truly sun shinning in.  Natural vitamin D.  What's not to like

Now, this is a familiar rig!
Just about to leave on our walk and we see Rick and Paulette's 5th wheel pulling in.Rick & Paulette's RV Travels We had both made previous reservations, knowing full well that with New Years Eve in full swing, this park would sell out quickly.  And it did.  There are no spaces available tonight nor tomorrow night.

We dropped by to say hi then left them to complete their set up.  We met a bit later and continued our walk with them and the mutzos.  It was nice to catch up on news and views before returning to our respective fivers to change up and prepare to shuttle to the resort casino for dinner.    
Jeanette was walking with Paulette and the mutzos ahead when she took this photo. Rick and I seem to be deep in thought or....we're watching our footsteps to avoid falling down!  Could be both of those things too!  You know......'multitasking!   LOL
Once settled in at our restaurant table, we kept busy with chatter before our meals arrived.  And good meals they too.  We all had the steak special for $8.  What's not to like?
The customary blog photo, taken by our wonderfully engaging waitress with a great sense of humour.
Hey, why not take one more photo while waiting for the shuttle bus to return us to the RV park!
With plans to meet up again - possibly in a day or two at Orange Grove RV park, east of Bakersfield, or in the months ahead in Desert Hot Springs - we said our good byes and wished each other a Happy New Year with best wishes for a successful and fun RV journey.

We do look forward to our next visit with these two wonderful folks. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. How nice for the four of you :) you said whats not to like!! Be safe out there....happy travels..

  2. Glad you all landed safely !..Seven Feathers sure must be a popular spot!!

  3. Paulette and I had a great time last night and really enjoyed the company of you and Jeanette.

    Sure hope we meet up again on the road in the next few days.

  4. Glad you were able to connect, safe travels and Happy New Year!

  5. Nice to hear that you met up with Rick and Paulette sure sounded like a wonderful dinner and visit. It would be hard to beat that dinner deal. Like you 7 Feathers is our favorite stop on the route south. Safe travels and enjoy all the sun.

  6. Hi, I was doing some research on RV resorts and ran into your site. I see that you are the couple that met with Rick and Paulette yesterday! Small RV world. Anyway...we live parttime at Surfide RV Resort in Parksville on VI. And now we're in Petaluma, CA where my husband is currently working. Hopefully we'll run into one another sometime!