Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween Kind of Day...

Our golfing foursome managed to skirt the expected rains that were called for yesterday and we golfed a full 18 holes at the Pitt Meadows Golf Course.
A tight course with cleared undergrowth under some very big trees.
Our golf group's objective, this season, was to play a new golf course every week.  We managed to do that on most weeks.  Yesterday's round was a first for me.  I had never had the opportunity to play the Pitt Meadows Course.  Fun day out!

Jeanette and several of her nursing friends (retired and not) got together for a  games night recently.  They always have fun.....and get to laugh a lot!  It was a smaller than normal attendance.  
It seems it was also a quasi dress up party.
Today will find us running some errands.  And in between the rain drops, I hope to ride our Harley to the local dealer for some service work.  Rain or shine, it has to get there.  If the rain doesn't abate, I'll opt to empty the motorcycle trailer (housing many of my woodworking tools) and transport the Electra Glide to the Langley Harley Davidson service centre.  It seems we will be socked in these next four days or so.

Visiting, a few days back, Easton thought to try out his mom`s runners over his own.  He managed to walk in them without falling.
He also thought to wear his new winter boots in our house.  Nothing better than breaking them in while walking around in a dry environment.  He`s ready for the wet winter months here on the coast!
Jeanette`s new (to her) sewing machine.
In the high tech world of sewing, Jeanette has recent technology but...this foot powered model, above, was greatly desired for her sewing room.  This awesome relic is considered an heirloom.   It belonged to Jeanette`s mom.  Jeanette remembers learning to sew on it.  The one thing she truly desired from the farm house was this sewing machine.  It sits in our garage, for the time being, but it will be shortly moved to its rightful place in her upstairs sewing room.  It is fully functional.  I have a feeling it could be powered up (in a Flintstone way) once again.
A little wheelbarrow full of Halloween stuff....
Our home out here in the south Langley area draws few trick or treaters.  We maybe had 10 kids appear at our door last year.  So, this evening, we`ll be sharing Halloween fun at Easton`s home in Langley City.  His folks will take him out to trick and treat while we answer the door to hand out treats to the ghosts and goblins who come by.  That should be fun. 

That more or less covers happenings around here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. That is one beautiful looking old antique sewing machine. I know someone who'd love to have one like that for her sewing room!!

    Hope Easton cleans up trick or treating tonight!

  2. That little Easton is just getting cuter and cuter by the day !!

  3. hope that Easton enjoyed his trick or treating tonight!!!

  4. I keep hoping I will stumble across an old treadle sewing machine somewhere. My brother's wife has my grandmother's--don't know if it works or not.

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  6. Looks like everyone had a fun time there.
    Love antique items of any kind.

  7. Any day that's a nice day for golfing in October is a bonus. It's sure been a great fall so far. Mind you, it's snowing again in Calgary.