Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At Home & Happy to Be Back

The past couple of weeks seem like a blur now....but the work involved in completing the cleanup, prior to transferring the farm title to the new owner this coming December, was a worthwhile endeavour.
Jeanette waving good bye as we prepare to leave the farm last Friday.
Before driving to Edmonton, we dropped by the Long Term Care facility that houses Jeanette's mom. Mary was busy making popcorn for the several clients who had paid a toonie ($2) for a bag of popcorn; us included.
We left with a large bag of fresh popcorn.
Jeanette also lent a hand with the popcorn production.
In Edmonton, we enjoyed a nice weekend with Courtney and Deni.  A trauma nurse, Courtney worked eight hour day shifts while Deni was busy working on their basement build up.  I lent a hand while Jeanette drove to one sister's home in Edmonton for a visit.
Deni did put me to work - happily, I might add - and it was fun to lend a bit of helping hand.
Deni looks over my handiwork......
Quincy, the electrician, came by to complete some work prior to the electrical inspection that is slated to happen this week.
Wiring an upstairs to downstairs smoke and CO2 alarm system
When the electrical inspection is completed, the gyproc (gypsum board) will be ready for install.  Their basement build will be completed within two months.
Their future baby's bedroom is looking great.  Nice wall mural!!!!  It was painted by Courtney's brother's girlfriend. 
A nice little bassinet awaits its tenant
The car seat - with its little bear - looks forward to sharing the space with Courtney and Deni's newborn
There is a lot of excitement in Deni and Courtney's home.  By January 2nd (or later/earlier) a newborn will grace their Edmonton home.  The push to complete the basement build up is in full play.  I think they will meet that deadline.
Doing some cutting outdoors....
We left back for the 12 hour drive home early this past Monday morning. The weather was clear and sunny for almost the entire drive.  There were some moments when we drove through low lying clouds in the Rocky Mountains. The roads were dry and bare.
Nearing Jasper National Park
One of many, many trains that were stopped due to a derailment near Edmonton.  The CN (Canadian National) mainline was blocked, about 85 kilometers west of Edmonton.
One example of the low lying clouds we saw on the drive.
Interesting view before driving out of the sun and into the low lying cloud.
The Monday return drive back home was completed with little traffic.  We were surprised by the negligible volume....but appreciative too.  It's a treat to have a stress free drive through the mountains.  I should add that the drive is usually stress free....but with so little traffic, it just makes driving so much more pleasant.
We arrived back home at 5:15 pm Monday, late afternoon
Early on Tuesday morning, we got busy with sorting stuff out before I washed both vehicles.  I got rid of the Alberta dust while Jeanette captured a few photos of the fall look in our yard.
Nice fall colours....but likely not for long.  The leaf vac will be put to good use soon....very soon!
Of course, Easton was as anxious as we were to visit.  Ginette brought him over for a nice afternoon of fun and, before long, they headed for the local park where he could enjoy the nice facilities there.
A bit of home play before the outdoors called....
Ginette, Easton and Jeanette were taking advantage of an awesome fall day for some play in the local park.

The smile says it all!  Let's have some fun!
....oh....and how about re-doing this Halloween display?
Our weather today is absolutely gorgeous.  Ginette dropped Easton off for a couple of hours while she meets with a client.  By this early afternoon, she will return to gather Easton and head off to complete some errands.  Jeanette and I will gear up, start the motorcycle and ride the back roads to take advantage of the great fall views this area provides at this time of the year.

That sums things up from here.....for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like nice weather for your drive. I'm flying to Calgary today, and the fog in Vancouver and Prince George is holding up my flight. Maybe I should have driven Grrr.

  2. Can certainly see October has been a busy month for you both. Glad you got in some nice family time though. Deni for sure takes after you with all the aquired building skills he has. Glad you arrived back to some nice weather on the coast. Can't believe how much Easton has grown over the summer. Nice to see he is enjoying the fall, bet Halloween is going to be fun for him this year, he's getting to the perfect age to start enjoying all the holiday events. Have a great ride. Your backyard is beautiful with those fall colours. Enjoyed seeing your pic's.

  3. Welcome Home

    I sure enjoyed hearing about your adventure in Alberta.

    New Grandbabys are on there way. What excitement in your family.

    Enjoy your ride. We are heading out on our first big Horse Back ride of the season tomorrow. 4 days at higher elevation. I can't wait. 90 degrees is to hot for us

    Take Care

  4. Too cold for bike riding here! Gotta head south.

  5. You and your family are busy as always. That basement project is looking pretty good.

    I'm sure Deni and Courtney are beginning to get quite excited about their new arrival. Looks like they've got everything all prepared.

    Beautiful pics of the drive home through the mountains!

  6. Does this mean you guys won't be going south with these new grandbabies on the way??

  7. Janna, we do plan to head south. In fact, we have put a plan together that we will blog about soon. Thanks for the question.

  8. You sure had some busy times always great to be with the family, soon to head south.

  9. Your new blog banner on the homepage is gorgeous... love the sunset (or sunrise???)