Monday, October 7, 2013

Delinquent Blogger

Well, it would seem as though I am a delinquent but, truth be told.... and for some reasons beyond our control, we have just been too busy to put fingers to the keyboard.  It's not as though we had nothing to write about!

It is that time of the year.....where pumpkins abound!
Our last blog - written about our negative RV experience with Fraserway RV - generated numerous public and private comments.  It seems we are not the only victims of unscrupulous RV service providers. 
Easton and Ginette drop by often.  It's always great to spend time with our little grandson.
Since our last writing though, we have been incredibly busy with life: appointments, and other things that occupy our time. Often, I just didn't feel the energy - mainly due to the limited time I had - to try to write a blog.  With the President's Cup (a four day golf tournament pitting the US teams against the international teams) as one of the major magnets of distraction, moving forward with home works, spending time with Easton (our grandson), motorcycling and attending a memorial, the time just rolled so quickly by.

View from the Chuckanut Drive - ocean-side - south of Bellingham, WA.

When the skies opened blue with sun, we took advantage and rolled out on two wheels.  We had ordered some specialty items from Camping World, in Burlington, WA, so off we rode one day last week to retrieve the order.  We then rolled further east; through Sedro- Woolley and north on highway 9 and back through Lynden, WA, where we stopped for lunch at one of our favourite spots.
A great bowl of soup with a country style sandwich is a favourite here.
The leaves are slow to change but that will happen soon.  Fall is clearly here. The pumpkin fields are drawing crowds.
Jeanette took this photo....and what a sight that field presented.
Our son's very good friend's father (and family friends of ours too) passed away from a brain hemorrhage, over one week ago.  The injury was the result of a fall.  A retired 767 Air Canada Captain, Kim was only 67 years old.  Our son, Deni, chose to drive from Edmonton, Alberta, this Thursday past, to Peachland - in the BC Okanagan - to visit with his friend and family before driving to our home on Friday.  The memorial get together was held in White Rock this past Saturday.  Many friends, former co-workers and acquaintances got together.
Deni takes a look at the pond reno I worked on this past summer.
Deni is taking video of Easton who is dancing to music in our sun room.
Jeanette and I prepared a Friday evening dinner to include Deni, Ginette, Trevor, Easton, Trevor's mom, Sandi, and ourselves.  Salmon on the barbecue, along with all the other trimmings, made for a great meal.
L-R   Deni, Sandi and Ginette
The others at the table
A photo with Easton`s two grandmothers
We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Deni.  Very early Sunday morning, he left for the 12 hour drive back to Edmonton.  We`ll see him and Courtney when they fly back to the coast this early November.  We look forward to that.

It`s not as though we won`t see them before that because, bright and early tomorrow morning, Jeanette and I are driving back to Alberta.  We`ll drive the ten hours to Calgary for an overnight visit with Jeanette`s sister and her husband.  From there, we`ll drive the three hours to Edmonton before heading out to the little town where Jeanette`s mom lives in a long term care facility.

Easton saying bye bye to his Uncle Deni.....before heading home on Friday night.
Planning a gorgeous Sunday motorcycle ride
Sunday's weather was so beautiful.  We chose to ride the countryside and head off to the eastern Fraser Valley to enjoy the great fall time views.
One stop was at this country farm with a petting zoo.  Families are always drawn to places like these and it was fun to watch the kids enjoying the pumpkin patch and petting the goats.
Every little person was trying hard to lift the largest pumpkin possible.  Fun to watch that!
Quiet view at Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake is a most popular spot in the summer months but it returns to the locals in the fall time.  Only a few boats were plying the water.  A distraction for Jeanette and I were the eagles who were noisily flying above and diving for fish.  What a sight!  We could not capture any diving photos, but we did try.
A couple of eagles at rest in the trees....and diligently keeping an eye on the lake below
Great day for a ride around the lake.
One of the many Fraser Valley country produce stalls
Easton having fun with this little jeep.  His Dad provides the power required to get around.
 Ginette, Trevor and Easton participated in a Sunday run for breast cancer.  Along with like minded friends, they headed for downtown Vancouver for the big event.
All dressed in pink for the breast cancer run
They texted this photo from downtown Vancouver. 
 We`ll update our Alberta travels when we can.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like some great times with family. I have been delinquent on my blog posts as well this year, glad you guys are doing well!

  2. Don't apologize, as I think you blogging is more consistent than mine. Try and bring some warmth to Alberta and then leave it there as I'm heading there in a couple of weeks.
    See you in Palm Springs.

  3. It was fun watching the golf...if only they used hockey sticks! Easton continues to grow...I guess they must still be feeding him! Sounds like you are all enjoying a great fall.

  4. It's no wonder you haven't had much time for blogging with all that activity going on at and around home.

    The pumpkin field photos are terrific as are the 'pink runners'!

    Easton seems to be growing by leaps and bounds - what a great looking little man.