Sunday, October 27, 2013

Taking Advantage of The Great Fall Weather

Sun and and blue skies are a magnet to get outdoors
We are sure enjoying this great fall weather.  Daytime temperatures are warm and the blue skies draw us outdoors.  There is a bit of outdoor fall work to accomplish; namely gathering leaves, but that is fun too.
Running in the park
Easton came by for a sleepover while his mom flew to Edmonton to present a couple of seminars.  We sure had fun with him.  He's engaging and very easy to look after.  He also keeps himself occupied with toys.  When he wants something, Easton takes our finger and leads us to someplace.  That happened a few times when he wanted to go outdoors.  So, outdoors we went.  He is amazingly communicative at 18 months of age.
The motorcycle came in handy for touring the great country roads.
Jeanette loves fall and she especially enjoys viewing the fall colours.  Well, our motorcycle rides quenched her thirst.  We saw multi-fall colours everywhere we rode.
Fraser River scene....
Mount Baker rising above the Abbotsford Airport.
We are formulating our snowbirding plans.  With the rain patter on the roof this morning, it gets my travel juices going.  We've been discussing our plans, these past several weeks, and we'll reveal those in the days ahead.
Bathed and ready for bed @ Nana and Grand Papa's house.
Easton had no issues with spending the night at our home. When bedtime called, he was quick to sleep.  And sleep he did!  He whimpered once or twice (more dreamlike whimpering) but apart from that, he slept all night long.  We had a lot of fun. 

Trevor - Easton's Dad - joined us for dinner on Friday evening before collecting Easton and his stuff and heading for their home.  To see Easton react when he saw his Dad was thrilling.  He'll be equally thrilled when his Mom gets back home.

Ginette returns from Edmonton this evening and we'll use her vehicle to pick her up at the airport.  From there, she will drop us off at home and continue the 10 minutes further west to their home.
Jeanette's friend, Ione, dropped by and, before long, they were off on a long walk through the trails of Aldergrove Park.
Photo taken yesterday while on a hike.
Jeanette and I chose a hike in the woods yesterday.  The foliage was captivating with its great fall colours.  It felt so good to get a decent workout in the quiet woods.
These ferns change colour with the seasons.
We encountered a few hikers but the trail was otherwise ours!
Our forecast calls for more great fall weather, going forward....and what's not to like about that. 

That's pretty much the story from here, for now. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Pretty pictires. You should come to Calgary. 3 below and blowing snow. I can't wait to head South!

  2. We understand!!! We just watched the news and saw the snow story. Jeanette's sister - a Calgarian - texted a photo. Sure can underdstand your desire to head south. Soon.....very soon you'll be in the hotter US southern climes.

  3. Your weather is a lot better than ours...that is for sure! Heading south is a great idea!

  4. Great post, Rene. A lot of really great photos especially that one of Mt. Baker - clear as a bell.

    It's great watching Easton grow and follow his stages of development. It's a wonderful preview for what we will have in store with Mason.

    Won't be too long before you and Jeanette get to start all over again with little ones.

  5. What a nice visit with Easton, Risking repeating myself, I still can't believe how much he has grown, it just seems you were waiting for him to start walking. Nice pic's of him and of the beautiful fall you are having. Hope you have a great week!