Friday, October 11, 2013

Posting From the Little Town Library

I'm posting this blog from the little library in the town of Two Hills, Alberta.  Our journey here began last Tuesday morning when we left home for the southern Alberta city of Calgary. Purpose of this trip is to complete the work required for the transfer of ownership of the family farm (home place) to the new owner.
Just past Hope, BC.
The early morning drive started out well.  One and one half hours later, we were on the Coquihalla Highway - a high mountain route that can present all kinds of weather.  And it did!
Snow at the higher elevation nearing the Coquihalla Summit.
The first part of the drive was fine but when the snow began to fall, it came down fast and furious.  Within minutes, we were in 4X4 drive to keep from slipping and sliding.  Although the snow was beautiful, we were ahead of the snow plows so we tried to follow the big rig tracks.
20 minutes after the snowfall, we were back at lower elevations and in the rain.
Once out of the snow, the 4X4 was switched back to 2high and we were back to good traction.
Once past the city of Merritt, in the the BC Nicola Valley, the snow returned.
Climbing back to higher elevations on this mountain highway, we were soon back to the freezing level and more snow.
All was quiet in the Shushwap Lakes region in the North Okanagan Valley.
With little traffic - other than transport trucks - we were making good time on the 10 hour drive to Calgary.
A mountainside resort along the Trans-Canada Highway near Revelstoke, BC.
We've likely repeated this line before, in previous blogs, but, once again, we do not tire of the BC mountain drives to Alberta and other Provinces to the east from us.
It will not be long before the mountain peaks are covered in the white stuff.
Several of these wildlife overpasses were built to keep the animals from being hit by vehicles.  They prove to be most effective in reducing unnecessary deaths or injury to beasts and humans.
Ten hours after our departure, we arrived at Jeanette' sister and her husband's home in north west Calgary.  Bob and Deb had a nice dinner waiting for us and we balanced out the evening with chat and with planning the work we would have to accomplish at the farm - situated five hours north from Calgary.
Jeanette and I were on the road for the drive north on Wednesday morning.
Early on Wednesday morning, we headed north on the Queen Elizabeth Expressway (Highway 2) for the city of Edmonton.  Three hours later we were at our son's home and he drove from his office to meet us there.  We were hitching up to his enclosed utility trailer that we would bring to the farm.  It would come in handy to move stuff.
Being the Thanksgiving weekend, we've been invited to two turkey dinners.  Yeah!  We love turkey.... and we love to enjoy that with family.  We will be at my sister's home for Saturday turkey dinner then another turkey dinner at Jeanette's sister's place on Sunday.

Before that though, there is work to complete before Jeanette's family farm is ready for the handover to the new owner.  

Beautiful weather here in central/east Alberta. 
The farmers have made great progress to complete the harvest.  Some combines were seen working the fields but, by and large, most fields are ready for the winter snows.
Jeanette's uncle and aunt's farm - very near the family farm that is being sold.
Only the farm home place with the balance of the quarter of land has been sold.  Other land is rented to a nearby farmer. To maintain the farm yard and home during all seasons - with no one living there - grew problematic.  The decision was made to sell.  And sell it did.
Jeanette's mom was apprised of the 'Offer To Purchase' and understood her responsibility to sign the document.
The purchaser - a neighbour the family knows very well - offered to purchase the quarter that is directly opposite his home and land.  Mary, Jeanette's mom, was so thrilled to sell to this wonderful family.  They were neighbours for well over 60 years.  It is a win/win situation. The son of the neighbouring farmers is undertaking the purchase.
Mom is signing the 'Offer to Purchase'.....while the buyer, Darcy,  looks on.
Bright and early yesterday morning, Jeanette and I were off to the nearby town of Vegreville to meet with the lawyer who is handling the real estate  transaction.

Back at the farm, Bob and Deb joined us in mid-morning to begin to complete the work we had begun this past summer.  Only a few major projects required completion and the girls got busy with cleaning and detailing the house.  Darlene, who has a day job, joined in later in the afternoon to move stuff too.

Some furniture was moved and more will be moved in the days ahead.  Some family members are taking some important (to them) things and some stuff is being recycled.
On the drive back from Vegreville, this small lake was wall to wall with snow geese flying south.  They were taking a rest here.
Sister, Darlene, claimed this old radio. 
Jeanette found this old shot gun.  It will reside at her sister's farm.
The furnace had been worked on by a heating tech and brother in law, Bob, (Deb's husband) did a bit of plumbing. The hot water tank was reactivated and all systems were working fine.

The new owner is coming by next Tuesday morning for a walk about.  We'll explain the operating systems - as best as we can.   When the title transfer is completed, he'll receive the keys and the girls (all four of them) will no longer have to worry about the house wintering another year.

Three of the four sisters:  L-R  Deb, Jeanette and Darlene
During one of her walkabouts at the farm, Jeanette captured the photo of this incredibly large wasp nest.  It is quiet now....but it was a busy, busy hive during the summer.
That paints our activities these past several days.  While at the farm, I have no Internet access.  I try to catch up on blog reads when I can get into the town library or at one of our family members' home.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Burr, looks beautiful, but cold! Safe travels, hope you are getting in some fun along with all the paperwork!

  2. Sounds like a busy trip but a huge relief, not having to worry about the property anymore.

  3. So true, George. The sisters will soon be free from that worry.

  4. Beautiful drive from Vancouver to Calgary. It was nice to see your photos showing a lot of the places and sights recognizable from our travels over that same route.

    It must be a relief, albeit with some sadness, for Jeanette and her family to get this property sale resolved.

    Quite a wasp's nest!

  5. Great drive and pictures, but watch out when your Wife is holding a shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Our warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you Jeanette and the family. Certainly a busy year it has been for you both. A busy New Year awaits you both with the new grandchildren on the way, Congratulations! Hope we can catch up to you guy's for a visit soon!