Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Motorcycle Ride to Whistler, BC.

What a day this Mother's Day Sunday turned out to be.  By celebrating our Mother's Day event on Saturday, I was able to join some like minded friends for a great Sunday ride to Whistler, BC.  Whistler is a world class skiing resort about two hours north of the City of Vancouver on the west coast of British Columbia.


Famous for winter skiing but equally famous for summer activities - including golf and more.
The riders were to meet at a Starbucks - in the City of Burnaby, BC (which borders Vancouver City) at 10:00 am, this Sunday morning.  Seven motorcycles and nine riders showed up and, within 15 minutes, we were heading west on Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) and then north along the sea shore - on Highway 99 - towards Squamish and further north to Whistler.
The Harley came out of winter hibernation for the ride.  What a treat! It felt great to cruise on this great ride once again.
The ride to Whistler is simply stunning.  For 50% of the route, we rode along the Pacific Ocean Island waterway that is protected by Vancouver Island to the west.  What views this route offers.
Stunningly beautiful.....
Traffic was quite light for the morning ride up but quite busy for the return trip.  Some drivers were in need of attitude adjustments. Too bad there were not more RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) working the highways.  I think the government would have earned some serious cash from distracted drivers, speeders and incompetents.

Whistler Village ski area.
We parked in front of this Whistler Hotel and walked over to a nearby street for lunch.  I left my trunk open on the Harley when the photo was snapped.
Making our way down to the restaurant. Simply beautiful weather for a Sunday ride.
One never tires of the beauty of this route through coastal mountains that border the sea.  There are views to enjoy every which way.  

While I was riding to Whistler, Jeanette opted to stay back to prepare for our trip and to  spend a bit of time enjoying an outdoor picnic with Ginette, Brie and Easton.  Brie and Easton's dad, Trevor, was with his dad, his uncle and a cousin opening the family cabin at a central BC lake.  They were to return on Sunday evening.

Back home by 4:00 pm, Sunday, I got down to writing this blog because early tomorrow morning, Jeanette and I are driving out to Edmonton, Alberta.  We plan to be in the neighbouring Province for about eight days.  Jeanette is keen to be there for her mom's birthday; this 18th of May.  We look forward to all the visiting and to spend a few days with Courtney, Deni and baby Owen in Edmonton.
Easton and Brie gave their Nana a nice plaster type Mother's Day gift that they made with their mom.  This photo does not do it justice but Easton's hand and Brie's foot are molded into the plaster and painted blue.  Very nice!
Ginette and her two kids came over to our home for a Saturday version of Mother's Day.  We prepared a barbecued meal and enjoyed a lovely afternoon and early evening before Ginette packed the kids back for home to maintain their night time routine.
Sunday at the park in Langley.
Jeanette prepared a nice picnic lunch before meeting Ginette at her home to take the kids for a fun day in the park and a nice picnic.  That was a huge hit with Easton.  Brie did not complain either and Ginette and her mom got to enjoy some nice time together too.  They had a nice day too.

Fun on the slides and swings....
 Ginette with her baby Brie.
Enjoying a nice lunch outdoors in the sun or a very mild mid-60's day
Hmmmmm that watermelon is oh, so good!
Little Brie with her Nana.
Jeanette arrived back at our home about 30 minutes after I arrived home from the motorcycle ride.  We'll get busy with packing for the eight days we'll be away.  We also plan to leave early in the morning so it will be early to sleep for us.  Leaving early has us arrive at Deni/Courtney and Owen's home by dinner time, in Edmonton.  We are looking forward to that.

So.....that covers our Mother's Day weekend activities.  The back yard pergola project will have to wait till we get back home.....!  I know the work will not disappear! 
We played this lovely Pagoda Ridge Golf Course in North Langley.  What a beautiful design and layout.
Due to a golf round planned for Friday past, I could not find the time to work on the pergola project.  The other weekend distractions kept me away from the work too. There are just too many distractions.....and good distractions they are!  No complaints!!!!

That's it from here for now.  The next blog will sneak on to the WEB from Edmonton, Alberta.  

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. The drive up to Whistler is, as you say, very scenic and beautiful. It's too bad so many drivers treat it as a NASCAR track!

    Great pics of Easton and little Brie celebrating Mother's Day. Jeanette always looks so happy holding any of her babies!

    Safe travels to Edmonton.