Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pergola Part Deux Completed....

We don't have much to report about other than to update readers on the continuing back yard renewal project.  Jeanette and I have been busy with the back yard project, off and on, when not occupied with other more important activities.
Starting to assemble pergola #2
Last week, we managed to dig holes, place the posts, level, fortify and pour cement on the pergola #2 project.  The past couple of days offered the time to complete that project.  The  primary purpose to building the pergolas are to give us total privacy once our future back yard deck is built.  We will also have complete privacy when sitting in our sun room.  
Jeanette got busy with moving and screening soil from the previous strawberry patch to its new home under pergola #1
The previous strawberry patch is soon so disappear.  The new raised deck will cover its original spot.  Pergola #1 included a spot for the berries to move to.  Sifting the soil has produced some fine black loam.
This pergola #2 rises 10' high.
The added advantage with the two pergolas is the option for Jeanette to add some hanging flower baskets. Those plants will add some more colour to our yard.  They will look nice.

With the trees, cedars and recent pergolas, we are making headway to the stage when the new deck will be built. And we will have complete privacy when outdoors.
Still a fair bit of work required before the new deck can be constructed.
While the clouds and rain rolled in yesterday, I spent the time staining 4X4, full dimension, treated landscape ties, in our garage.  We are building a long, raised planter to receive ornamental cedars on the west side of our property.  That is the new project we are working on.
Front yard BC Dogwood tree blooming.
Golf takes precedent over work tomorrow (Friday).  Our golf group is meeting at our home for coffee before we drive east to Harrison Mills and a resort golf course we thoroughly enjoy playing a few times every year.  Sandpiper Golf Resort is a great destination....and a lovely track to play.  It is about a 70 minute drive from our home, into the eastern Fraser Valley, near Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

 Waterfront golf course located near Vancouver BC and the Fraser Valley | Sandpiper Golf Course

The weather for our region is looking great for tomorrow and into the weekend.  Golf and motorcycling will likely take precedents over yard work.  Just as it should be!!!!

Sandpiper Golf Resort - Harrison Mills, BC
 And there you have it.  We're enjoying the back yard transformation project. 

That's it from here.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I've never played Sandpiper, but have eaten in the restaurant a few times. It's a great location.
    The yard projects look great!

  2. Your yard work it coming right along and you have the priorities right, play first then work.

  3. Nice work on the Pergola project, Rene, it looks great.

    That's a nice looking golf course too - hope you get a sunny day!