Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some of This and Some of That.....

When I left off with last Thursday's blog, the plan was to head to the local lumber yard for some materials to begin the back yard pergola projects. Before that though, Easton, his sister, Brie  and their mom, Ginette, dropped by our home for a few hours.  Always happy to see them, I held off on the lumber yard task till later in the day.

Fun comes before work......!
First things first, Easton had to check out the motorcycles....had to sit on one....and wanted me to sit on the other one. 
When he gets to our home, Easton always asks to sit on one of the rides and, lately, he wants me to share the pretend ride.  He  chats up a storm about going on the road. It's quite comical.  He loves it even more when I start one or both motorcycles.

John, from RV Life On Wheels asked (in our comments section) why Jeanette and I were not riding the Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle when we recently rode out to Harrison Hot Springs.  Well, when we left for our winter journey - last November -  we chose to take the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad with us. We road insured it for six months. That insurance ends this May 7th.  The Harley will soon be road insured while the Nomad goes into summer hibernation.

Our Province has compulsory road insurance through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).  We can opt to insure the perils (fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) privately.  All of our vehicles (motorcycles too) are privately insured except for  the mandatory ICBC road portion.  
Soon to come out of winter hibernation.
With rains in the forecast, it is quite likely that the next motorcycle ride will feature the Harley Davidson.  Looking forward to that.  I love riding both two wheelers. Each ride offers some unique features but the Harley is just that much more inviting.
He has not asked for a ride yet....but I'm sure that day will come.  His dad - a licensed motorcyclist - will handle the first ride when it is deemed OK.
After exhausting the motorcycle  experience in the garage, Mr. Curious needed to see what was up in the kitchen department....!  Lunch time was fast approaching and his Nana usually has some good food stuff to offer.  He was not disappointed.
While Easton, his mom, his nana and his grand papa were enjoying lunch, Brie was enjoying a good sleep.
"Hey, what's good to eat Nana?"
Brie catching a nice nap at our home
Little miss smiley......

When Brie awoke from her nap, she was a smiley girl..  She is certainly more interactive now - at 10 weeks of age. 

Speaking of smiley, our little Owen - who resides in Edmonton, Alberta, with his mom and dad - was busy exploring 'Face Time' with us. He seems quite intrigued with the iPad screen.  It's a great way  to stay in touch with him and his folks.  He is so aware!  Every time we 'Face Time', Owen seems very happy.
Owen loves this little chair.  He is a very happy little fella.
We have plans to drive to Edmonton in the weeks ahead, for some one on one 'face time' with Owen, his folks, Jeanette's mom and siblings and my siblings too.  We're looking forward to that! 

North Bellingham Golf and Country Club - Washington State.  Mount Baker in the background!
Back on the home front, our regular Friday golf round had our guys meet at the North Bellingham Golf Course, just minutes south of the Canada/USA border.  Friday was a nice day but the wind acted up just as we started our round.  We felt as though we were playing one of those great Scottish seaside golf courses.  To adapt to wind - while golfing - is part of the fun of the sport.  We had a very good day out there.
Oh.....and we did get a bit of work done too......!
I did get to the lumber yard and got busy staining once I got the materials back home. This is just a small (but very slow going) staining job that has to be done.  Inclement weather days are perfect for getting this work accomplished. 
I used my rolling stool to get around......It beats being on one's knees....!
As a result of this staining, next week will see me working with shovel, pick and post hole hand auger.  Yes....some deep post holes need to be dug and the only person around here to do that appears to be me.  The result should be good though.  We'll see....!

Calgary, Alberta snow - Saturday, May 2nd
I thought I would offer up these two photos.  They were taken and sent to Jeanette yesterday - Saturday.  Deb and Bob (Jeanette's sister and brother in law) sent these to show us what their back yard looked like.  One day earlier, they had temperatures in the low 70's.  What a contrast!
The fire pit is well covered in the white stuff....
I would bet that JB and Brenda John & Brenda's Incredible Journey ,who live just north and west of the city of Calgary, had some of this white stuff covering their Dog Pound North ranch. is Sunday morning and that signals the time to get together with our 'Open Mic' coffee guys.  It is raining out and I anticipate that we will have a large group (8 or more inciteful minds) to bring sober reflection on the world's problems.

Over and out....!

Thanks for dropping by.  


  1. You are getting things done, will be nice for you to get the harley out.

  2. Let's hope this is the last of the Winter snows for Calgary. We're heading there in a couple of weeks, and it would be nice if it looks like Spring!

  3. That is a good reason not to ride the least you will be able to use it the next 6 months.

    Little Brie sure is a cutie!

  4. Easton, Brie and Owen all have such beautiful smiles! What joy they bring. Enjoy!

  5. Last week we got the old John Deere out and overhauled so we could fire it up and gather all the leftover detritus from the winter. With the grass all neatly mowed we couldn't ask for better timing to get a little white stuff. It sure greens up the grass nicely. Now what we really need is a little heat to get things going.

  6. Beautiful smiles on all the grandkids. Facetime is invaluable to us grandparents!

    Painting lattice is a worse job than most regular painting for sure.

    Snow - Calgary? Ugh!

  7. Yeah. Keep the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad for a while. You don't have to use the both of those all the time. Saves time and money, as well as keeps your vehicles from wear and tear. It's good that you bought that kind of insurance, too, to allow this kind of management, while letting the vehicles be protected always.

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers