Thursday, May 8, 2014

Outdoor Work...

With a view to bring some needed changes to our back yard, I did get to work on the first  of three pergolas we intend to build this spring/summer.
Digging away on one of the two deep post holes
Before I even started digging, I spent several days acquiring the needed building materials and staining everything in advance. Once I had measured and staked where the post holes would go, I got started on the arduous task.  Digging was easier than originally thought.
With perseverance, I managed to dig deep before setting the posts.
With Jeanette's help, the posts were dropped into the holes, leveled and supported before the cement was mixed and poured.
Ready to mix post cement.
Each hole took four bags of post cement.
After assisting me to level the posts and attach the support braces, Jeanette left to meet a friend while I persevered with the job.  Once the cement was poured, I brought out my compound mitre saw and began cutting and finishing the upper decorative pieces to the pergola.
Ready to cut the 36" upper pergola pieces.
You may wonder why I was cutting all these pergola decorative pieces but once installed,  it will all make sense. 

While the cement was curing to concrete, I had plenty of work to do to complete all the finishing pieces.
Once cut, all pieces needed to be sanded before staining.
Anyone in blogland need some door stops?  They are really cheap!
The sanded parts required stain. 
Stained and drying.
Yesterday, the support braces were removed and more digging took place to build the garden base for Jeanette's strawberry patch.  We are moving the existing strawberry patch to this new spot.  
Ready for fresh dirt to be followed by moving the strawberry patch from its old spot to this new spot.
The weatherman is calling for rain today and tomorrow (Friday) so it seems our completion could be delayed till the weekend.  That's OK.  There are other things to keep us occupied.
Owen had his mom (Courtney) send us this photo and the one below.
Courtney and Deni sent us a couple of very recent photos of little Owen.  He enjoys sitting in his high chair and watching his folks enjoy their meals.  Although not on solid foods yet, he's ready with his fancy spoon when the time comes. He is such a jovial little fella.
"Check out my cool spoon"
While I was busy working on the back yard pergola, Jeanette lent Ginette a hand looking after Easton and Brie so that she could get some errands done.  Jeanette always has her camera at the ready and took these most recent photographs.

Ginette and Easton are keeping Brie entertained.
A rare moment when Easton is trying to read a book to his baby sister.
Jeanette had Easton trace his hand on his great grand mother's special birthday card.  We will hand deliver the card in person when we visit my mother in law next week in Alberta.  Speaking of Jeanette' mom, she called yesterday - out of the blue.  On occasion, she will pick up the telephone and call us.  It is always a treat when she does call.  Mary got to chat with Easton and Ginette who were at our home at the time of her call.
Hmmm.....he looks like he is reading the card....but more impressive is his hand print on the card.
Brie is enjoying the warmth of a sunny afternoon in our sun room.  Easton likes this spot and enjoys setting up his little play things whenever he comes over to our home.
That sums things up from here for now.  

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you, both in the back yard, and in the Family Room!

  2. those pergola's will be a fine addition to your backyard!

  3. You could sand those "door stops" down for triangle blocks to teach shapes for preschoolers.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished pergolas. We have one of those to build if and when the weather ever cooperates.

  5. Looks like your project is moving right along, always something to do.
    I am sure it will be awesome when you are done.

  6. Owen sure is one happy looking little guy! Nice to see big brother Easton looking after his little sister too!

    Nice job on the pergola. I'm always shocked at how many bags of cement it takes for just one post!!

  7. The project looks good, and so do the Grandkids!