Monday, May 26, 2014

A Birthday Party....&....more...

Another busy few days led to a weekend birthday party.  Our daughter, Ginette, celebrated her 32nd birthday in great fashion.  Her and husband Trevor held an outdoor barbecue party that was very well attended.
Some party food prep
The party was held at Ginette and Trevor's Langley City home, this past Saturday afternoon and evening.  A lot of little folks - accompanied by their patents - attended.  
Baby Brie is enjoying some pre-party fun with her older brother, Easton.
I am not certain how many partyers showed up but with me manning the barbecue, I would have to count at least 30+ plates of food that were dispensed.  Fun group they were!
Nicole (with husband Trevor in BG) holding on to Brie.
Nicole and Ginette have been long time friends; since they were babies, in fact.  Of interest is that Ginette's husband Trevor and Nicole's husband Trevor have been life long friends too......!
Courtney brought Owen to the party so the three cousins (Brie, Easton and Owen) got to spend some time together.
It was a bonus that Courtney and Owen (who live in Edmonton) were on the coast for several days and they got to attend Ginette' special birthday.  
Only one month difference in age between Brie and Owen (Owen is the older baby)
Easton recently celebrated his 2nd birthday and his aunt Courtney (with cousin, Owen) delivered a little gift for him
Easton has a better understanding of birthdays and parties now...and he was quick to unwrap the gift from Courntey, Deni and Owen.
A really cool clock for Easton's bedside......
Jeanette and I got some good face time with all three of our grand children.
We also took advantage to get some photos with ourselves and the three grand kids......!

Another long time friend of Ginette's (L) Julie joined Nicole and the kids on a lovely and sunny afternoon.
Trevor and Brie started the barbecue but I manned the job to free Trevor to entertain his guests.
Ginette and Trevor and feeding their guests some specially made jello shooters.....!
Moms and kids seemed to hang around the swing set while the dads hung in and around the garage.  Wonder why that was?
The little kids and big kids did have a great time and Ginette's birthday was well celebrated.
Some special jello treats were made for the little kids too....and they were popular.
'Happy Birthday Mommy".........
Ginette, Jeanette holding Brie and Courtney with Owen.
The party theme was 'Ja-May-Can' (Jamaican) so Ginette made her special birthday cake with the Jamaican flag.  There are plenty of family and friend birthdays in 'May'.....!
Trevor has the honor of lighting the candles and presenting the cake to Ginette.
More folks hanging out.....
Trevor's mom, Sandi is catching some face time with Easton.
Easton - and most other little kids - enjoyed some really good hot dogs......!
Shortly before her bed time, Brie is bundled up and she did the rounds with her birthday mom.
 We had agreed to take Easton to our home for a sleepover.  He was having such a great time at the party; playing with friends.  To lure him away took little effort when we suggested he come home with us to see the motorcycles (that he is enamored with).  Once at our home, he was quick to straddle the Harley and, with one push on the starter button, he had the engine roaring to life.
He just loves sitting on the motorcycles.....!
After a really good night's sleep, Easton got busy with us in the morning.  Of greater interest was his desire to help empty the dishwasher.....all by himself.
He insisted on emptying the dishwasher all by himself.  His Nana convinced him to put everything on the counter tops.  He did just that.
For breakfast, his Nana had the idea to mix up a batch of pancake mix.
Once again, Easton wanted to take part in that so he got to mix the batter.  After that - and a good lesson on how to respect a hot stove top - he helped prepare some truly good pancakes.  The special grill had some happy faces that made eating these pancakes even more special.

Easton is enjoying the fruits of his labor.
While Easton and Nana were busy with breakfast, I was riding my way to White Rock for our regular Sunday morning 'Open Mike' coffee get together.  Riding there was great....and riding back had me put on my rain gear. was raining for my ride back home....!
Early Sunday afternoon Ginette drove over to collect Easton and head back for home.  They were going to pick Brie and Trevor up before driving over for a visit with Trevor's maternal grandmother who had just been released from hospital.
Early Monday morning....
Courtney and Owen had a 10:30 am flight,, from the Abbotsford Airport for their return to Edmonton.  They, along with Owen's maternal grandmother, Barb, dropped by our home for a brief visit.  With more hugs and smiles exchanged, they then headed for the airport.

L-R   Jeanette, Owen, Barb and Courtney
Once Barb, Courtney and Owen left for the airport, I headed off to do some planned chores.  With intermittent rains called for today (Monday), I chose to postpone completion of the 2nd pergola.  That will be my task for tomorrow.

Jeanette was soon to leave for a planned retired nurses luncheon at a local golf resort.  When those nursed do get together, it is a barrel of laughs.  They do know how to enjoy themselves. 

That covers the past several days.  Oh.....I did spend the better part of Saturday giving our home a bath.  The sun room glass roof panels, windows and two thirds of the entire house got a good scrubbing with soap/water and brush.  I'll get to complete the last one third of our home when time permits.

OK....that's it from here for now.  Thank you for dropping in.


  1. Must feel great to have all the gang together! Looks like a great time had by all!

  2. happy birthday to Ginette!! looks like the party was a great time for young and older!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ginette! 32? I can't even remember back that far!

    Awesome pics of all the grandkids - love the ones of them altogether.

    The little ones are sure cute and growing fast!

  4. Happy Birthday Ginnette, such a great family get together you guys had.