Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Been Busy But It's All Good!

Easton - Awake and content!
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Our time has been busy visiting with our new grand child and, when the weather permits, a bit of motorcycling and hiking.  But the emphasis has been on visits with Easton and lending a hand with the new parents.
Saturday - Stopped in to Fort Langley, for a much desired coffee break, following a good motorcycle ride.
A Sunday hike through one of our cherished hiking spots.
We desired a hike on Sunday so off we went to a local hiking trail.  It was, surprisingly, not that busy.  When we hike during the week, we are often alone on this rewarding trail.  Sunday had the working few out there too.  It was a perfect temperature for a 90 minute hike through dense forest, open meadows, long inclines and down slopes.
Jeanette navigating through dense brush.
In wet weather, this trail is great because the path is well packed.  There is no mud and it's easy to navigate.
The skunk cabbages are surviving well!
With so much skunk cabbage in bloom, we could smell it everywhere we walked.  Although somewhat pungent, it's not too annoying.
The forest is greening up though!
No evidence of fish in this stream yet but it won't be long now.
Sunday evening.
Watching the NHL Vancouver Canucks getting beat by the LA Kings on Sunday evening, I heard the front door bell.  I opened the door to our son in law Trevor with Easton.  He was out driving around - to give Ginette (the mom) a bit of a break - and he chose this to be Easton's first drop in to our home.  What a pleasant surprise!
He, of course, drew all of the attention.  Welcome, little fella!
Following a really nice visit, Trevor bundled him up for the 15 minute drive back to their home.
All strapped into his car seat.
Monday morning had Jeanette and I at the US border crossing, early.  We drove to Blaine, WA for a 10:00 am interview with the US and Canadian border security folks to renew our NEXUS entry card.  The card is only good for five years and needs to be renewed.  Our cards were up for renewal.

We love the benefit of NEXUS   Canada Nexus Pass | Canada Immigration Visa & Travel   It's a kind of super passport.  It allows us to use special 'speed lanes' into the USA and back into Canada. 
The Harbour in Blaine, WA. - a few blocks from our NEXUS Interview.
The NEXUS interview began with the Canada Customs officer asking all sorts of questions, finger printing us then, once approved, he passed us on to a US Customs officer who proceeded with more questions.   

We were early applicants when we joined Nexus five years ago.  It's a bonus to 'near border citizens' (like us) from both countries who cross the borders often.  It's seamless and quick.  With an 'iris scan' one can avoid the long security lines at designated airports in both countries.  Double bonus!

Once we were confirmed for the following five years of NEXUS membership, we were told to expect our special high security wallet sized cards in the mail within seven to 10 business days.  Once received, we can stash our passports away unless we choose to travel to a countries outside of the USA and Canada.  What a treat these cards have been for us.

When we approach the US or Canadian border, we flash the card in front of a scanner.  When we approach the security officer in the booth, he/she already has our NEXUS security information on computer screen and, other than the rare question(s), we are waved through the border.  YEAH!

The NEXUS card applies to RVers too.  RVers - unlike transport trucks - are allowed to cross the borders using NEXUS lanes.  What's not to like about that? 

Back to visit with Easton on our way back from our NEXUS US interview.
After a good feeding, Easton does what most babies do best; sleep!  And he is good at that.

And that, blog readers, colours the past three days.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oh my goodness Congratulations on your first grandchild. He is simply beautiful. You two must be glowing as well as his parents.

    JB used have a Nexus pass when his brother used to keep his Sail Boat at Bellingham. Very handy indeed.

    Take Care and looking forward to many more pictures of Baby Easton.


  2. glad to hear that Easton is doing well..doing what babies do best..eat and sleep!!..the Nexus Cards sound like a great idea..especially since you live so close to the border!!

  3. Such a beautiful baby! Love the photo of the "worm fence." When I (Janna) traveled extensively for a living post 9/11 I often wished for a NEXUS card when I was in security lines. If there was a frequent flier line I did use those and it helped some.

  4. Beautiful looking hiking trail to have nearby. Great pictures of Easton, and nice to have that surprise visit from he and his Dad. That Nexus pass is a big plus for you guys with your frequent border crossings.

  5. congratulations on that gorgeous new grandson...what a darling baby boy !!!

  6. All the attention is on Easton... right where it should be.

    How much do they charge for the Nexus Pass anyways????

  7. John,

    Nexus Pas costs $50 US/per applicant and it is good for five years.