Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Grandchild Changes Things Up

What a grand day yesterday was!  What a grand day today, tomorrow and more will be.

Tuesday morning offered this.
Jeanette and I were up early.  Why?  We were anticipating some really special news about the birth of our first grandson, Easton Biro.

Jeanette had a few special gifts ready to take to the hospital....
...and she left some special ones behind for future visits.
And special it was when we first received the news that Easton was born at 9:20 am - with no complications.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz. - healthy, happy and hungry!
The very first photo we received via iPhone text - and the same photo we texted and emailed to all family and friends.
By early afternoon - having given Ginette, Trevor and Easton time to recover - Jeanette and I drove to the hospital to meet, greet, hold and cuddle this wonderful little fella.  WOW!  WHAT A FEELING!
A beautiful sight
Modern medicine made this delivery possible.  Easton was sitting breech in the womb and would not turn - or, as we discovered, could not turn.  That necessitated a 'C Section'.  With surgery scheduled for yesterday morning, we knew his arrival was imminent.
What a precious time.  A first look and touch with Easton.
Here is new 'Grand Papa' (French for grandfather), 'Nana' Jeanette, baby Easton and daughter (new mom), Ginette.

Nana has her turn.  Easton doesn't mind in the least.
Easton made the rounds from dad and mom to Jeanette, then me, back to Jeanette, to mom, to dad and, he never once winced or cried.  He seemed to enjoy the attention.
Grand Papa's turn with Easton.
To hold Easton for the first time was amazingly special.  To touch a new life is miraculous.  What a great feeling!

Trevor's mom, Sandi (proud new Nan), arrives.
Sandi arrived shortly after we did and quickly did her greetings before cuddling her new born grandchild.
Such excitement!
Easton is already getting spoiled.
A happy and healthy little guy!
Although it was a first meet and greet, Easton seemed OK with all the cuddling and handling.  Other than the odd yawns and big stretches, he was  fine with being held and touched and rocked and walked and,...well,.... you get the point! 

After a few hours, we left the new parents and baby to rest.  We knew they would be entertaining many friends and relatives so we headed back for home.

It's 7:20 am and after I write this, and within 90 minutes, we'll be back at the hospital for more one on one time with Easton.

A special time for sure!

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  1. Congratulations! Rene and Jeanette, we are very happy for the two of you. Glad Ginette and baby or doing well. I can see Grandpa out on the links with Easton in a few years.

  2. Congratulations.Let the spoiling begin, just wait for all the camping trips he will be going on with his Grandpa.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Congratulations to all!! What a wonderful, special time for you guys!

  4. That's awesome! Congratulations!
    Or maybe I should say, félicitations!

  5. Amazing how such a tiny little bundle puts such large smiles on so many faces. Congratulations to all. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Congratulations to the 'whole' family!..smiles all around!..what 'grand' day indeed!!!

  7. Congratulations Nana and Grand Papa.

    He is just beautiful. Isn't that New Grand Parent feeling just to hard to describe.. Glad his mom and dad are doing well.

    I love his name.

    Take Care and looking forward to many many pictures.

  8. Congratulations again, and what a great and exciting time for everyone. It was terrific to see such big smiles on all your faces and no wonder! Easton is going to be a very popular and loved little baby!

  9. Fantastic! Congratulations to all... enjoy, and great to see all the smiles!

  10. Congratulations! Grandchildren are so neat! You can spoil the heck out of them and then just hand them back to mom! I know you will have fun!

  11. It's no wonder you are over the moon!! Little Easton is gorgeous!! He is only a few hours old and already has Papa and Nana wrapped around his little itty bitty finger! Enjoy ever moment!! Give him a cuddle for me!!
    Aunty P