Friday, April 20, 2012

What's With This Weather?

Unsettled weather on the coast of late......!  Spring sure seems slow to arrive!
Easton is keeping his parents busy.  He has so easily adjusted to life and his routine.  His parents are lucky that he is such a content little guy.  Let's hope that continues!  It is fun to spend time with him.....and we have done a fair bit of that too!
Our outdoor projects continue to be delayed due to unsettled weather.  The really great weather is soon to arrive though.  That we know!
White Rock by the sea.  It hugs the US border.
The small city by the bay - that was our home for 30 years -  is still a place we visit often.  White Rock is only 20 minutes from our new place out in south Langley.  The other day had us drive out to run some errands and book some appointments.  The skies opened up and the sun did shine.  We enjoyed a wonderful beach stroll and a coffee too.
Regular tourists were enjoying the outdoors but the real tourist season has yet to hit.  Look out for mid-June through to late September though.  The traffic increases exponentially!
The good weather draws walkers to the promenade.
We did book into an RV park in Peachland - District of Peachland - Welcome  - a small community just south of Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  Things To Do | Kelowna, BC | Tourism BC - Official Site    We will be there for a couple of weeks in late May - early June.  Other than attending a wedding, our time will be spent with our children and grand child, and also visiting good friends who live nearby. 

The Okanagan is very busy with tourists in the summer months.  To visit in late May - through mid-June - avoids the crush and makes for a very pleasant stay.  The area is known as 'Wine County'.  We will quite likely check out a few of the many wineries that dot the countryside. Wineries & Vineyards | Thompson Okanagan, BC | Tourism BC - Official Site

Not a whole lot more to report but thanks for dropping by.


  1. hes so cute and they are very lucky that hes adjusting well...we are still enroute to home..and I'm getting excited to get there and see all the family!!

  2. Little Easton looks quite content... just like our little Gwenny was when she was born, and who is still an excellent baby coming up to 1 year!

  3. today was a good day!..too bad it was a work day for us though!..have a great weekend!..enjoy the sunshine if it appears!

  4. The weather this spring sure has been the pits so far - hope it gets better in May!

    Of course Easton's a happy little guy - he knows he's got it made with parents and grandparents like you guys!

  5. Looked like a nice morning for that coffee in White Rock. It was 97 here in Corona yesterday to hot to soon, I will try to send a bit of it up your way. Have a great week, and we are glad Easton is doing well.