Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Types of Weather.....and....Tiger Woods!

We've faced all types of weather since our return from the US southwest, these past few weeks.
We lucked out upon our return back home ( a few weeks back) with a solid week of sun.  That offered the opportunity to clean up the 5th wheel and store it.  It also offered the opportunity for Jeanette to complete some garden works.
But then the snow appeared last Sunday morning - albeit for a very short time.  By noon, it had melted away.
Coming down fast and furious.
By noon, this is what the melt looked like.
But there have been several bouts of heavy rain too!
However, so far this week, we've faced several days of intermittent rain between the odd bit of sun.  And the temperatures have been on the cool side.  Although not unusual for this time of the year, the amount of rainfall does put a damper on starting or completing outdoor projects.
That said, I reverted to completing projects in the garage.  This is the motorcycle swivel wheel. It looked like it was in need of some much needed TLC so I got right to it this week.  After sanding and smoothing out some of the rough edges, it received two coats of paint.
The second coat was applied today and, when dry, I'll remove the edge tape and store it till the next time it is needed.  The open utility trailer will then be brought into the garage and it too will receive two new coats of paint.

Apart from these projects, I have been fast and furiously reading Hank Haney's golf book about his six years coaching Tiger Woods.  WHAT A BOOK!!!!  The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods

I have about 20 pages left to complete the read.  It's a telling book that really paints a clear picture about Tiger's personality (or lack thereof) and his tireless devotion to practice.  It's a very revealing book!  It's clear too that he is a very lonely person (seems he always was). He is still the greatest golfer to have ever played the game.  Let's see if he can resurrect his game and continue with his goal to out win Jack Nicholas in tournament play.

We'll see how well he plays at The Masters - these next four days - beginning tomorrow (Thursday).2012 Masters Tournament

That's about it for here, for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wow... is it time for the masters already??? Love to watch it! Enjoy!

  2. we have been getting a mixed bag of weather this past week!!..and here I thought you were going to say the 'baby is here'..hope that Ginette is coping well, at least it isn't the middle of summer!

  3. Don't think we will ever hear you say that you are board. Lot's of things are always going on around your house. The Big Miss sounds like a good read think I will check it out. Have a great week!

  4. The weather's kind of weird over here on the Island as well.

    I've just started reading the book about Tiger as well.

    I've already found some parallel's to the biography of Steve Jobs. Both Tiger and Jobs were/are brilliant in their own professions. Both had somewhat difficult childhoods. Both are obsessively driven to perfection.

    Steve Jobs had difficult personal relationships with his children. Tiger's foibles are well known.

    Both appear to have been very lonely men.

    That's why I prefer to judge these individuals on their professional merits and leave everything else to history to decide.

  5. we're looking forward to the masters sure have been busy....