Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey Skies....Wet Walks....Relentless Robin!

It's been quite a week of sogginess here on the 'wet coast' of British Columbia.  It's a reminder of what we don't miss when we spend our winter months in the US southwest.  That said, rain is good for cleanliness, flora and fauna, it keeps forest fires a bay...and has so many more benefits.  No complaints!
We headed for one of our favourite hikes.
The temperatures are very mild and rain doesn't stop us from enjoying the outdoors.  We simply dress for it and, when necessary, we bring an umbrella along.  Such was the case when Jeanette and I took this hike yesterday afternoon. It was a great walk, for sure! We plan to walk the same route today too.
It's especially nice to walk on non-muddy trails.
We reflected on how we do have the best of both worlds.  We can enjoy the warm, dry, desert winters away and return to this beautiful topography with what is - in our view - the most beautiful summers anywhere on earth.
Skunk cabbage is everywhere at this time of the year.  Quite pretty to look at.
The ferns growing on the side of trees (and moss) absorb the moisture.
We only met one other hiker on this trail when he approached the wooden bridge we were on.  Although the trail calls 'for dogs on leash', his was not and the dog took a flying leap into the water....much to the chagrin of its owner. He would have to face a wet dog on his car seats on the drive back home.  I was not quick enough to get a photo ....but your imagination will set the scene nicely.
The deciduous trees are now showing more green as the early spring leaves begin to grow out.
The creeks are overflowing.
Never did get down to take a whiff of these skunk cabbages so I can't really express whether they stink or not!  Western Skunk Cabbage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The relentless robin!!!!
In the previous blog, I mentioned how this robin was attacking our front living room picture window.  Well, he continues to attack it - daily.  In spite of our efforts to discourage the behaviour, he is relentless.
We scare him off....and he returns!
His female partner has even flown by, on numerous occasions, to try to focus him on nest building but he resists that in favour of pounding our window with his beak.  What to do?
Other than working on income tax files and handling a few business dealings,  I have been focused on some needed household chores - namely resurfacing the deck of our motorcycle swivel-wheel.   Jeanette has rediscovered her brightly lit sewing room and quickly launched a few really nice projects.  More on that later.

Still no grandchild, as baby Easton remains content in our daughter's womb.  But we do look forward to his entry into this world soon.

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  1. I realize the robin is pecking at your front picture window. What I'd suggest is making a frame to slip into the frame of the picture window with Aluminum screening in it. That will protect your window, and the bird and can be removed when mating season is finished and stored in the garage in case it is needed again in the future.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. rain and more rain but you know us West Coasters..we aren't detered by it that is for sure!!..
    hope the baby arrives soon!!!

  3. Nothing like a few chores to quickly pass the time waiting for baby Easton. That's one head strong bird that found your window. Have a great week!

  4. that poor little guy..hope he doesn't have a major headache....rain is natures way of washing things clean and making everything smell fresh...

  5. Looks like we could use some of that rain down here in Lake Havasu!