Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Past Few Days....

Ginette receives a knitted blanket and jacket for her baby to be, from Grandma  Biro, Trevor's grandmother. Trevor is our son in law and dad to be.
We were in attendance at a birthday this past Saturday night when Ginette was gifted some nice hand made clothing by Trevor's grandmother.  Very nice!
Grandma Biro's hand knitted clothing. Jeanette is looking in too.
Several family and friends attended the birthday party for Warren, our son in law's father.
No shortage of food.
Warren was celebrating his official 60th birthday.  He is featured below with his immediate family and parents.
Back Row L-R Daughter Tracey, Son Wesley, Son Trevor.
Front Row L-R Warren's mom, Warren, a grand niece, and Warren' s father, Tony.
Goofing off with their dad.
Saturday proved to be a nice day but as the sun descended, it cooled off quickly so everyone moved indoors to enjoy the food and fun.

It was a fitting party to usher Warren into the 60's
Shot from inside our living room.
This male Robin was relentless in attempting to break through our window early Sunday morning.  He's been at it for the past few days too.  He's seeing his reflection and not enjoying the competition from another supposed male.  If only he could understand that he will never get to fend off the male he seems to resent in the reflection.

Jeanette went online to learn that it is not really unusual for birds to see themselves reflected in windows; take offense at a supposed competing male and try to attack it.

This Robin would not give up.  The WEB site suggested taping newsprint on the window to discourage the behavior.  I did that but the Robin kept trying to fly and jump higher. This male was not going to give up.

It has since returned every day but our knocking on the window scares him off.  We're hoping that it has understood that its pursuit of attack on a reflective male is fruitless.
After dealing with the Robin, we left for a nice Sunday motorcycle ride.
The forecast was for rain on Monday.  Sunday proved fitting for a nice ride out to one of our favourite day rides; Cultus Lake in the mountains along the Fraser Valley.
The lake was quiet.  It was pleasant to just walk, sit and enjoy the tranquility.
This is a popular lake for boating and skiing during the peak summer months.  It's a noisy place too during those three months. 
Only a few others like us took advantage and were sitting on the beach.
After an hour or so we rode back and headed to a neat little place in the Chilliwack countryside called the Yellow Barn.  It was there that we enjoyed a nice lunch with coffee before continuing our slow journey through the Fraser Valley back roads towards home.
You can see the snow capped mountains in the distance.
The forecast is calling for cloudy/rainy weather in the coming days.  It's not cold though.  The average daytime temperature today hovered near 65 degrees.  NOT BAD!

The rain will keep us focused on indoor type activities - primarily completing our paper work to deliver our income tax stuff to our accountant.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Seems to be a lot of rain out there right now... even here down in Marina, Ca.

  2. Cultus Lake is indeed very noisy in the summer..lots of speed boats and watercraft!..glad that the two of you got out to enjoy a motorcycle ride!!..
    very nice gifts for the new grandbaby!..nothing like handmade presents..knit with love!

  3. Looked like a great day with your extended family. Sure lot's of good looking food. Glad you had some nice weather to get in a good motorcycle ride. Good luck with your bird friend.