Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hiking, Hitching up & Heading for Home.

In advance of hitching and heading for home, I joined Hector and Lucky on the high mountain South Lykken Trailhead hike in Palm Springs.  Whoa!  We climbed over 1100 feet to find an incredible view of the valley below.
Hector and Lucky beginning the long climb up.
About half way up - the valley below....dotted with golf courses.
Higher yet - hugging the mountain side.
These barrel cacti will grow on rock too.
A little water break while enjoying the view below.
This hike will get your heart pumping.  With good pacing, it's a three hour hike up, over undulated trails and a fairly steep hike back down.

We drove two vehicles.  One was parked on the northern end of the trail and the other at the southern entrance, where we started our journey.

Pretty well at the height of our hike.
A hitching post for horses and burrows.
Rock and more rock.
Don't jump Hector!!!!
Fed the local wildlife some peanuts.
 It was hot...really hot!  That said, we thought we might encounter a rattler or two but that didn't materialize.  They were shy with us on the trail head.
From our vantage point - on the way down - we were able to see the famous  Tahquitz Canyon
The spa at our resort.
Once back at our RV park, we quickly donned bathing suits,  showered and headed for the nice, soothing hot springs spa.
A volleyball game was happening in this pool.
Yesterday was devoted (partially) to preparing for our departure this morning.  We put away those things we would not need.  After a few hours, we headed back for the hot springs pools for some R&R before heading out for a good bye dinner.  We spent a bit of time sharing some chat with John and Judy RV Life On Wheels before we collectively left for our respective dinners.

We had been invited to join John and Judy of  RV Life On Wheels  and  Rick and Paulette Rick & Paulette's RV Travels for a special dinner to celebrate Judy's birthday.  We had previously accepted an offer to dine with other RV friends so we had to decline.  Next year????? 


After posting this blog, Jeanette and I will tidy up a few things, sort ourselves up to close the 5th wheel, hitch up and begin the slow journey back toward home on the BC coast.

It's been a treat to spend these past 11 weeks on the road. It's been a lot of fun!

So...we'll write more from the road.

Thanks for dropping by


  1. good luck guys and travel safe.....before you know it the summer will pass as quick as the winter and you'll be back south again :)

  2. Great winter trip Rene', hard to believe it has been 11 weeks already. We wish you and Jeanette safe travels home.

  3. heading north already?..boy this winter snowbird season has gone by so fast!!!

  4. Congrats on the great hike! Those hot springs must have felt pretty good after that hiking ordeal.

    Sorry you and Jeanette couldn't make it to dinner with us the other night but, next year - for sure!

    Safe travels home.

  5. Yes, that is one monster hike... we have started at both ends of it now... lots of climbing! Next Year for sure!