Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Golf, Cold Winds and Babe's!

Our golfing visitors arrived from Vancouver, BC, this past Monday.  Two hours after their arrival, we met on the Escana Golf and Country Club in Palm Springs.  No Wind, nice temperatures, good friends, and an awesome golf course, made for a perfect afternoon.
Very forgiving Escana Golf Course.
With wide fairways, this course favours our collective golf game. T-shots easily find green grass and the greens are large and soft.  They hold high flying balls.  That's just the way a good golf course should be.
Water is in play on several holes but it's easy to golf around them. We always shoot for greens though!
L-R  Rick, Chris and Hector
By booking in advance, we were able to get preferred T-times and preferred discounted rates.
Beautiful....with the smell of sage wherever we were on the course.
Nice clubhouse in the background.  The #18 finishing hole.
Back at in Desert Hot Springs, we were invited to the site of RV friends, in a neighbouring RV park.  Trena and Lucky prepared a scrumptious outdoor barbecue.  Awesome food!
At Trena  and Lucky's site.

A relaxed Hector and Lucky following a great meal.
Back at our RV park, Jeanette and I headed for the natural hot springs pools at the resort clubhouse.  It's a great way to end a great day.
Aside from a large swimming pool, there are four large hot pools too.  Very inviting!
Golf course in Indio, CA - Tuesday afternoon.
Hector and I met up with Rick and Chris in Indio for our second of three golf rounds.  It started out as a perfect golf day till the mean spirited wind reared  its ugly head.  It cooled off quickly and playing conditions changed too.  It proved tough to stand on the Tee box to strike a ball.
Rick is judging a putt.
Too bad this was not on video.  Hector hit a perfect sand wedge out of the sand.
Immediately following our golf round, we headed east on Highway 111 to Rancho Mirage,CA.  We were meeting our spouses and friends for dinner at Babe's.  It a wonderful restaurant with great food fare.
L-R  Diane, Trena and Chris.
This was the meal Chris chose.....and he cleaned the plate.
L-R  Group shot  -  Me, Diane, Trena, Chris, Hector, Lucky Jeanette and Rick.
Good food, good fun, plenty of laughs made for a fun evening.  We left with the promise to meet Chris and Rick for our third and final golf round today in La Quinta.  We're playing 'The Dunes'.

As I write this blog, this morning, the winds have not abated as promised by the weather girl.  Not sure what to make of our golf round today.  Wind plays havoc with golf (golfers too). We'll be ready for all conditions though.
Lucky is enjoying a special desert - served on a pig plate. 
What great fun we've had.....and continue to have...this snow birding winter, away from the west coast.
Here's Chris posing with Babe!!!
Well, it's time to get the clubs shined up for our golf round today.  Sure hope these winds go away as we approach our T-time.  Rick and Chris will be joining our RV group for dinner, at our RV site, following our golf round today.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.

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