Monday, March 5, 2012

Desert Hot Springs - Caliente RV Resort

Desert Hot Springs, CA.
Caliente RV Resort
We presently ensconced at the Caliente RV (Hot Springs) Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA, just north of Palm Springs/Palm Desert.

This RV park is quite nice. The natural hot springs pools are numerous and inviting at any time of the day.  We've been in the pools a few times.  The park is a mix of park models and RVs.  It's a bit tight for big rigs but it's doable.....albeit with a lot of patience.
One of the many pools in the club house area.
We're here till the 9th (or longer if deemed necessary).  Two of our friends fly in today for five days of golf.  We are really looking forward to that.  Rick and Chris arrive this morning and we're golfing in Palm Springs at noon today.
This park is beautifully landscaped.
Other than meeting with a few RV friends who are in the area, we've been kind of lazy. 

Jeanette joined in on a hike with good RV friends this morning - while I write this blog and get my clubs shined up for our round today. 
Caliente RV Park has a 9 hole short course.  It's ideal to practice one's short game.
No more than three clubs would be required to play the short course here.  We walked the course the other day and it's clear that one need only carry a sand wedge, standard wedge and a putter.  It's well kept though!
Jeanette is having a good time.
We held a burger barbecue, the evening before last.  We were three couples who all contributed to throwing an impromptu dinner together.  That's often a fun thing to do.
Everyone is digging in to the food.
It was beautifully hot here, yesterday. That called for a motorcycle ride and we quickly headed for the Sands RV and Golf Resort, a few miles west from our park.  We were in the the Sands last year and we returned to say hello to Rick and Paulette  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels
Always the congenial hosts.
When we arrived, Paulette was busy with her favourite hobby.  She was quilting!  Rick was on the golf  course working on lowering his handicap. 

Paulette invited us in to their air conditioned coach where we quickly got caught up on things. Within minutes, Rick returned from his golf round.  Following an hour (or so) of chat, we rode off to visit some other spots we had in mind before returning to our site.

It's somewhat cloudy here today but it's very mild and warm....ideal temperatures for our golf round.  Speaking of golf, I have to sign off and get ready to leave for our first round.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I finally have to ask. You mentioned your park is a bit tight for big rigs. Exactly what is a "big rig"? To the best of my knowledge, there is no standard for that term. You see the phrase in blogs and RV park brochures. What does it mean?

  2. Nice to see you that you had a good visit with Rick and Paulette. Should be a fun week with your Vancouver golf buddies down. You sure have a great group to be vacationing with this year.

  3. We drove through Caliente Springs RV Park a couple times when we stayed at the Sands earlier this year. It is a very beautiful place, and the pools are wonderful. Glad you met up with Rick and Paulette and got some cool air conditioning...sounds like it's warming up down there!

  4. sure hope you do well with the golf games!!..FORE!!

  5. JC,

    Big rigs are generally referred to as lengths of between 37 feet and 45 feet.