Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Southern California Ride.....

Heading south - Highway 74 - over the San Jacinto Mountains.
Sunday proved to be a perfect day for a long motorcycle ride in southern California.  We rode over the San Jacinto Mountains (up to an elevation approaching 5,000 feet) and into the Hemet, Temecula area.
A magnet for motorcyclists - Idylwild
The highways here are a big draw for weekend motorcyclists....and there were many.  My left arm grew tired of doing the friendly wave.  It seems most motorcyclists head for old town Temecula.
Hmmm, which direction to take?
Jeanette and I rode into Aguanga, then back towards Temecula where we rode into the old town centre for lunch and a great walk through this most interesting city.
 Along the route to Temecula, we came upon this all metal sculpted stagecoach.  The designer/builder of this metal project was not only talented, he/she worked for a long, long time to create this.
Unimaginable detail.
It includes the horses too!
Stunning detail!
Entering old town Temecula
This Alpha Romeo is for sale.
It is in beautiful condition.
Cattle made this town famous. 
It's a treat to walk around here.
We found a great lunch place.
Lovely old buildings restored and/or built to have the period look.

From here, we rode toward Hemet then north towards Beaumont.  There are numerous RV parks in this area.
Large boulders skirt the highway.
You know this area is windy when you see thousands of these wind generated towers.
Eight lane freeways.
Approaching the exits to Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, etc.
Desert Dunes Golf and Country Club
Hector and I felt like getting in another round of golf so we opted for the Desert Dunes Golf course close by.  It is owned by Canadians.  Kevin Martin, the Olympic Golf Medal Winning curling skip, is one of the majority owners.  
This guy put on a show for us.  I always enjoy watching these roadrunners.
Practice swing.....
Putting green....
The lovely clubhouse.
Jeanette is enjoying the sun while working on one of her blanket projects.
Back home - our rig site in Caliente RV & Hot Springs Resort.
The weather has been fantastic.  The evenings make for outdoor sitting and enjoying the hot springs water facilities in the park.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. another great day filled with fun in the sun and a motorcycle ride too!..hate to ask but when are heading north?

  2. Looked like another beautiful ride. Can only imagine how nice the evenings are in the hot spring facilities. Have a great week!

  3. What a great ride up in those mountains that would be! Next year if I get my bike down here, I will be up there for sure!

  4. Hey - you were in our 'hood. Hope you waved when you drove by!
    (Old Town Temecula is a pretty cool spot - we've just begun exploring the area.)

  5. Sue & Doug,

    We're beginning our slow return to the wet coast on Thursday.


    I would do that ride again, should you choose to do it.


    We waved and waved and waved! Did you see us? Yes, Temecula is pretty darned nice. Need to explore it in greater depth next year.

  6. Temecula - one of our favourite places to visit. In all of our trips there, we've never ever run across that stagecoach though - too bad!

    That ride up to Idylwyld is also a big fav of ours as well.

    Looks like you had a perfect day for it.

    Sorry you can't make it for dinner tonight! Have a safe trip on the next leg of your journey.

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