Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hanging out in Desert Hot Springs & a Couple of Performances.

Trena, Jeanette and Diane were busy with some craft works.
We chose to hang around our Caliente RV Hot Springs resort, following a very busy schedule of late.  With time spent in the natural hot springs pools, enjoying the sun, managing a few minor chores and taking in two live performances in the evenings, time keeps flying by.
Lucky riding off to his park @ Catalina.
With no winds, these past few days, it's been really pleasant to sit out and do little.  We did some of that.
Our site @ Caliente RV & Hot Springs Resort.
Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA
Friday evening had us travel to Indio to attend the Willie Nelson concert, at the Fantasy Springs Casino.  We chose to have dinner there too.  This casino is top class.
Our outdoor table on a lovely and warm evening.
A full house for Willie's concert.
It was a sold out house for Willie's concert.  Not being a huge fan, I thought it could be a fun night with the gang.  His son, Lucas Nelson, opened the show and although he's not a strong singer, he can work a guitar.  At 22 yrs of age, he's equally as good as George Benson and Carlos Santana.  I've never seen someone play an electric guitar with his teeth....and yes, he did that very well too!
Check out the beat up guitar that Willie plays.
After a half hour of listening to hard rocking music, performed by Lucas' band, Willie appeared on stage and, truth be told, although he can still play a guitar, he can't sing too well.  He only performed for one hour. The audience loved him though.  He managed to get a standing ovation.  Willie is looking very, very old....but the women in the audience relished it when he threw his hat and several bandanas at them.
McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert.
We spent Saturday doing little other than a bit of laundry, reading and hanging out at the resort pools.

In mid-afternoon, we readied for another night out.  This time, we had tickets for the world famous 'Mamma Mia' that was happening at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert.  Now, that was a show to anticipate.
Trena, Jeanette and Diane - hanging out before the performance.
We arrived in plenty of time to park, enjoy a nice warm evening outdoors before joining the full house for an incredible performance of a top class, live musical.
1st class theatre.
The whole gang: L-R  Trena, Lucky, Diane, Hector, Jeanette and me!
What a live performance we witnessed.  We relished in appreciation for the great music, originally produced and performed by ABBA.  The music alone brings back good memories.  I highly recommend this live performance should the opportunity present itself for you.
Here's the scoop on the story behind Mamma Mia.

Today calls for a motorcycle ride - likely south and over the San Jacinto Mountain range and into Idyllwild, Hemet, and, should time permit, into Temecula.  We'll report on that trip in the days ahead.

Life is good here.....!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. you all 'clean up' very well!!!..glad you are enjoying yourselves!..have fun on your ride today!!

  2. Hey now, it is sacrilegious to say Willie can't sing!!!! Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  3. Wow! Looks like we missed a couple of great shows here in the desert.

    Willie is kind of beat-up a bit with years and years of touring but it sounds like it was still a great evening.

  4. personally I love willie :) does sound like you had a great time....