Friday, March 9, 2012

The Dunes @ La Quinta, Hosting Dinner, a Hike & Another Dinner!

The starter @ La Quinta Dunes Golf Resort took this photo prior to our final round of golf.
Hector and I joined Rick and Chris for our Wednesday final round.  What a golf course?  This was the best of the three we played.
Superbly manicured, with level tees and true greens.
This course is the epitome of what a great golf course should look like and play.  The surrounding mountains envelope this awesome landscape and it's a treat to view while waiting to strike a ball.It's challenging....but what a fun challenge!
Several holes - with lateral water hazards - makes for some interesting challenges.
The final hole (#18) in the waning afternoon sun.
We hosted a barbecue for our Vancouver golfing friends at our RV site in Desert Hot Springs.  As luck would it, it proved to be the coldest night these past six weeks of our travel.  Hector and Diane were quick to host us all inside their coach.  Thanks guys!
L-R  Me, Rick, Hector and Lucky braved the night chill to join me at the barbecue.  Chris stayed indoors to enjoy the many hors d'oevres.
Hard to beat a great meal following a tough day on the course!
Jeanette, Diane and Trena were great hosts.  While we toiled on the golf course, they toiled with food preparation and it was sooooooo good!  Thanks!
We shared in plenty of banter and laughs before calling it a night.
Chris and Rick headed back to their hotel in Palm Springs to rest up for their fourth round at the TPC PGA West Greg Norman Course.  I'm sure that was a treat to play.

Jeanette had opted for a long hike with our RV friends while I worked the telephone and emails to manage some business dealings.

A knock on the RV door brought me in direct contact with long time RVers/bloggers, Judy and John, RV Life On Wheels who dropped by for a quick hello and brief introductions.  We look forward to meeting again in the days ahead.
The following photos tell their story.
L-R  Hikers (Lucky, Trena, Hector and Diane)
Good workout.

Not sure what Jeanette is pointing out...but I'm sure it was relevant.
Jeanette and Lucky
Most would think there are no streams in the desert and local mountains...but, here's the proof!

Tree hugger.....or is she having a nap?  Not sure.  I'll have to asked her.
After her return from the hike, and a shower to freshen up, we drove to Palm Desert to spend the balance of the afternoon with my cousin, Madeleine, with a dinner out to close the evening.
Madeleine and I
Beautifully groomed grounds at Madeleine's resort.
There is a swimming pool nestled in behind the flowers.

A 5 Star dinner @  Chez Pierre's in Palm Desert.
Dinner out was a fitting end to a busy and rewarding day.

Today calls for some down time before heading out for some surprise entertainment this evening with our RV friends.

With the nice warm temperatures back, and the winds long blown away, the coming days offer up some new experiences.  Always something to look forward to!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. that was quite the day and evening you both had!..nice day for a game of golf and a hike too! the 'nap' shot!!..

  2. You guys are busy! And how wonderful is it we snowbirds can enjoy all this warm weather!

  3. Sure looked like a great week of golfing and other fun activities with friends and family. What a beautiful hiking area Jeanette went to.

  4. You've been keeping busy! Great looking golf course you played - don't like the looks of all that water though!

    Jeanette's hike looked like fun and the dinners looked top notch as usual!

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  6. Hi Rene and Jeanette,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blog posts about things to do in La Quinta to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
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