Friday, March 16, 2012

Homeward Bound....

Swivel wheel is pinned up to exit the RV Resort.
Thursday morning was departure day for us.  We lifted and pinned the motorcycle swivel wheel, to better manage the tight drive through narrow roads and tight turns in Caliente RV Park.
There is a first time for everything....
This is the first RV park that necessitated we pin up the swivel wheel.  It's designed to do just that.  I rode the motorcycle across the road from the RV park, then returned and drove the truck and 5th wheel out too.
Plenty of space here to load the motorcycle.
Once on the outside of the the RV park, it took me 40 minutes to load, cover, tie down and completely secure and check the load before leaving for the start of our return journey back to the coast of British Columbia.
Safely up and the process begins to secure it properly.
Ready to roll.
In the lead, Hector and Diane, followed by Lucky and Trena with Jeanette and I driving shot gun.
We were all leaving Desert Hot Springs for new locations.  The other two couples were heading north towards Pahrump, Nevada.Pahrump, Nevada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Jeanette and I were heading back for home in Langley, BC.

High desert country, north of Palm Springs.
Hector, Lucky, me and Chico, the world famous Portuguese Water Dog.
We convoyed up through Yucca Valley, over the mountains and into Barstow, CA.  It's here that we said our final good byes....not forever, but a 'see you later' kind of good bye.
Jeanette, Trena and Diane.
While they headed for Nevada, we headed east from Barstow, through Tehachapi, and into our first evening stop; the Orange Grove RV Park near Bakersfield,  CA.

Safely nestled in Orange Grove RV Park.
We arrived at 3:30 pm and easily secured an RV spot.  By 6:30 pm, the park was full and new arrivals were led to the overflow area.
Minutes from closing up and leaving Orange Grove RV Park.
We left Orange Grove at 8:30 am and rolled easily through the Friday morning rush hour in Bakersfield.  I only wore sunglasses for 30 minutes before the grey skies announced their presence.
Rolling north to northern California.
The truck needed a good drink of diesel and we both lusted for a lunch break so we combined the two at a large truck refueling stop.
Check out the fuel prices!  The price would be $.50 to $.90 less in Arizona.
Big truck refueling services suit us well.  We can easily navigate in and around with our long load.
Coffee and a quick bite before continuing north on I-5.  Notice the jacket?  It was necessary here.

Two things happened as we approached Stockton; the rain started and the highway was typically rough and bumpy.  The highway is so badly eroded (and poorly constructed) that driving through here tests your truck and 5th wheel suspensions.
Safely parked at the Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA - 30 minutes south of Redding, CA.
The photo above appears to suggest good weather.  Well, photos cannot do justice to heavy winds. It was gale force winds out here.
And it was raining too.....!
Since our arrival here - following an 8.5 hr. drive from Orange Grove RV Park - we have been busy monitoring the weather forecasts before attempting to cross the passes from California into Oregon.  These passes can be testy.  As I write this blog - before bed time on Friday evening - the passes are looking promising.  I'll check again in the morning.

Should the passes prove difficult, we'll hang in here for another day.  Time will tell.....and we'll give you the results with the next blog.

OH....aahh....we now have to put the summer shorts away!  The weather here, and further north, calls for long pants and jackets now. Sheesh.... but all is well!

Thanks for dropping in.


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  2. safe travels as you continue north..soon you will be in the land of expensive diesel!..

  3. Tends to make me grumpy when I have to trade flipflops for shoes and socks. Travel safe guys.

  4. Nasty looking weather - quite a change from Palm Springs!

    Hope you are able to get over the Siskiyou Summit without any delays.

  5. If you haven't left already, you might want to hang tight until Tuesday. Heavy snow in the mountains predicted for the weekend and into Monday. It is cold here even in Eugene and we are at 400 feet elevation. Snow might even get down to our level. Whatever you do, just drive careful and take it easy.

  6. Edmonton is looking to be the hotspot in Canada on Sunday with a hagh of 28 C (82 F)

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Sorry you're already heading back to cooler weather. I hate pants. Shorts, skirts, skorts - yes. Pants - NO!
    Actually my goal is to never wear pants again. So far, so good.

  8. Boy, you are on the fast track home, saw you had made it to Salem already. Glad you beat the snow through the pass. Have a Great Week!