Thursday, March 22, 2012

About The Early Return Back Home!

Since our return home, we've kept busy with emptying and cleaning the interior of the 5th wheel....and anticipating.....
A very pregnant daughter.
That we are first time expectant grandparents is the principal reason for our early return from snow birding in the US southwest.
Ginette and husband Trevor are expecting the arrival of their first baby near or about April 10th.
Such excitement - such anticipation - certainly for us but more so for the new parents to be.
I laughed when I saw the caption on this baby clothing.
Ginette is opening a gift from RV friend, Diane (Hector) who made this beautiful blanket during the past few months.
Ginette has not met Diane but she was pleasantly and completely surprised by the beautiful, knitted blanket.  She sure hopes to thank her personally in the near future.  
Baby Easton's freshly painted room at their home in Langley City.
Jeanette and I drove the 10-12 minutes from our home to Ginette and Trevor's home to see the newly created baby bedroom.  WOW!  NICE!
Proud mom and soon to be Nana.
Jeanette had been busy too this winter.  Having learned how to make certain blankets from Diane, she completed a few of these.  One package was mailed from the US southwest and we delivered the blanket below in person on Monday evening.

Easton will not lack for warmth.  He already has several choices in baby blankets.
Jeanette even made a special blanket for their cat, Kuma.  Imagine that!  Only a cat loving woman would think about making a blanket for Kuma the cat.
Ginette's sister in law, Tracy made this diaper cake for a recent baby shower.  Very creative!
A special place for keepsakes!
Jeanette spent the better part of yesterday with Ginette; attending an appointment with the obstetrician/gynecologist, running some errands, taking a walk, and more.
It seems that Kuma the cat has taken a shine to baby Easton's change table!  Hmmmm!

I spent the better part of yesterday completing some errands, fussing with the 5th wheel and catching up on emails and contacts.

For those blog readers who expressed curiosity with our early (and quick) return back home, you now know why.  It's a great reason to cut short our southern holiday.

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been very nice since our return.  The next four days call for even better weather: sunny skies and pleasantly warm temperatures.  What is not to like about that?

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I knew there was a 'special reason' for heading home early and the anticipation of the arrival of your new grandson is a great reason, indeed!!..
    enjoy the sunny weekend ahead.. I am sure you will be out on the motorcycle!!!..maybe we will meet up one day soon?

  2. Looks like it's going to be a busy spring for you both. Neat idea making the diaper cake. Some nice pictures of mother and daughter to remember this special time.

  3. Definitely a great reason to head home a bit early. Sure looks like Mom and Nana are all ready for the new arrival.