Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, Sunday....and Today!

My previous blog lamented the unseasonable weather but that changed on Saturday, Sunday and today.  Although rain is expected in the coming days, we did manage to get into some outdoor activities on the weekend and today too.

This was Saturday - a work day in the yard!
I painted the trim on the shed.
....while Jeanette played in the dirt.
The finished product.
To complete the shed project requires the install of soffits, eaves and downspouts....followed by landscaping.

This Was Sunday - a day to ride, play and enjoy!
While Jeanette was still enjoying the zzzzeeeessss....
I did my typical Sunday morning ride to join my friends at a local coffee shop.  After solving all of the world's problems - laughs too - we head home to resume our reality routines. We call our group meetings, "Open Mike......It's All About Nothing!". LOL

Our Sunday reality was to take advantage of a really nice, mild, day and head off on one of our many special rides.  This ride took us on the north side of the Fraser River to Harrison Hot Springs, an 80 minute ride east from our home.
Mt. Cheam in the distance - with the Fraser River in the foreground.
Not much more to add....
Continuing east toward Harrison Mills, this gives you an idea of just how amazingly interesting and beautiful this ride is.
Wide, undulating and curvy highway makes for rewarding motorcycling.
That is Mt.  Cheam behind this beautiful farm scene along the route to Harrison Hot Springs.
The mighty Fraser River - taken from high ground - looking west towards the city of Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean.
The nice thing about riding at this time of the year is the lack of tourists and traffic.  Although that isn't a problem during the busy season, it's nice to take advantage of when we can.
At the Harrison Hot Springs town square.
Another view of Mt.  Cheam - taken from the north side of Harrison Hot Springs - overlooking the swimming hole.
We hiked around Harrison Hot Springs for about 90 minutes before resuming our ride back towards home.
A view of Harrison Lake from the town square.
A field and mountain scene taken from just north of the city of Abbotsford, looking east.
This Is Monday - a day to return to the routine of chores...and perhaps a nice walk in the neighbourhood.....and perhaps a nice visit with our new grandchild too!

Can't end this blog without including a photo of Easton. 

Taking in the view of his new world.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. The finished shed has a nice pop to it, nice job Rene'. Jeanette's got her planting beds looking mighty nice also. One of my favorite drives also is to Harrison, the bike ride makes it that much nicer. Enjoyed the pictures, good shot of Easton. Have a great Monday.

  2. Beautiful Scenery and Beautiful Baby Easton.

  3. The shed is looking terrific - nice job.

    We haven't been to Harrison Hot Springs in years but it was nice to see it still looks pretty much the same. Nice pics.

    And a great photo of Easton!

  4. Harrison Hot Springs is a great place to head for a Sunday Drive!