Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easton Goes Home....and new golf clubs too!

Well, it's to be expected!  This blog speaks more about our first grandchild, Easton, and some activities around him.  Can't be helped!
A really good team of nurses and doctors has made Ginette and Trevor's transition to parenthood an easier one.  With good advice and support, Easton has had an easy time of life since his birth on April 10th.  So far, he's been a breeze to care for.  He doesn't complain much, he feeds well, sleeps well and has no difficulty with being handled by so many folks, Jeanette and I included.

Happy Nana....with comfy Easton.
This grand parenting thing will be good!
We loved this little outfit.  Very nice!
Checking out a new set of golf clubs....but they are not for me!
I had told Jeanette (way back, when we learned that we would be grand parents) that when our grandchild was born - be it a boy or a girl - I would present him/her with a new junior golf club set.  Easton was going home from the hospital yesterday so we headed off to the golf store. I had to deliver on my intentions.  I bought the golf set I had seen better than six months back. 
Four clubs with nice graphite shafts.  It's a real golf set!
When Easton is about three years old he'll be able to use this set. I really look forward to taking him out on the range and putting greens. 
Jeanette thought to add a few more things...and take this photo before we drove over to Ginette and Trevor's home to spend more quality time with Easton.  Oh....and present him with his new golf set!!!!
Easton got to hold one club but he was far more interested in feeding.  Understandable!  It's about priorities, right?

Our daughter and son in law had a good laugh when they saw the golf set.  We all laughed!  Others who came to visit laughed too!  Whether Easton chooses to golf or not - when he gets older - is inconsequential.  But his Grand Papa will at least introduce him to the links, the game and the etiquette.

Comfy and happy following a good feed.
We brought dinner along to ease Ginette and Trevor into the move back home with their new son.  We, sadly, watched the NHL Vancouver Canucks (President's Cup winners and the best team in the league) get seriously outplayed by  a much lesser quality team, the Los Angeles Kings.  Aaargh!  The Canucks are down two games, out of seven, while playing here at home!
This little froggie is keeping watch in Easton's bedroom.
So, that pretty well sums up our focus these past several days.  Easton's birth breathes new life in all of our lives - in more ways than one - and we sure look forward to sharing in his growth and development.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks too for all the nice comments - on the blog and in private emails.


  1. Nice to hear that Ginette and Easton are home and that things are going well. I'm sure you and he are going to have some fun times with the clubs. Hard watching those two losses with LA. I think we will see Alain bring in Schneider for the next one. But again we can't leave it all up to the goalie.

  2. Rene, sure glad you have your priorities right with little Easton. Also, when Easton does start swinging those clubs, I hope he does in Grandpa and Nana's house!!!!

    It brought back memories of my Dad who bought Kevin a red, pedal driven Jaguar for Christmas when Kevin was only 6 months old!!

    Glad to see everyone is home and doing well.

  3. Golf Clubs, I am thinking he would have liked a pony much more, but then that is just me. I am sure you will have a great time introducing him to that game that Mark Twain so aptly called "a good walk spoiled"

  4. glad to see that your new grandson is home and doing well..adjusting to parenthood can be a difficult transition but it looks like Ginette and Trevor are doing just fine..thanks to the great help of the 'grandparents'!..nice gift, by the way!..can hardly wait to read about the first time he uses them!!

  5. Only an avid golfer such as yourself would purchase clubs for their new grandchild--so cute! Easton is a beautiful baby.

  6. Glad to see everyone is going home safe and sound! New Golf Clubs! Why not... get him in the swing of things early! Way to go!