Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Fixin', a Bit of Walkin', a bit of Readin'....and a lot of Nothin'...

As part of our regular maintenance I climbed onto the roof of the 5th wheel for an inspection.  Of greater importance was a finite look at the caulking and the condition of the roof in general.  Our fiver has three vents - 2 are 'Fantastic Vents' with built in fans and one is a hand crank type that we seldom - if ever - open.  The hand crank white vent cover looked very grey and sun damaged.  I pressed a finger on it and it instantly cracked.  It needed to be replaced.  The other vent covers were perfectly fine.
The to the old on the right.
When in Lake Havasu City yesterday afternoon, we dropped by an RV parts store and purchased the right replacement vent.  I went to work this morning to replace the old with the new.
Removal and install directions were easy to follow.
All the guts have to be removed from indoors before one can change out the new plastic vent cover.
The new vent cover...and the job is complete.

A roof top view of our site.
And a roof top view looking south along the Colorado River.
With that job over with, Jeanette and I headed south on foot, along a new trail that would take us to the east side of the Pirate Cove cabins, restaurant, store and marina.  A fair bit of walking was in soft sand.

Although cloudy these past two days, there has been no wind and the temperatures are warm. Daytime temperatures have been hovering near the mid-70's.  No complaints, that's for sure.  We even heard a few raindrops while having breakfast this morning...but that only lasted a minute or two.
Marina view from the east side of the tributary.
The boat dock and one RV park that sits on pavement.  Our side sits on the sand sites, on the peninsula, along the Colorado River shoreline.
Our last blog referred to our desire to light a beach fire and enjoy roasted hot dogs.  That's just what happened, the night before last.  With little wind and nice night time temperatures, the setting was perfect.
With desert dry kindling, the fire roared quickly to life....and also quickly turned to hot coals.
The craved hot dogs were finally 'un fait accomplis' (enjoyed).
We sat out by the fire and kept fueling the flames till we called it a night.  It's hard to beat the taste of open fire roasted hot dogs. 
Ready to barbecue
Last night's menu called for barbecued burgers.  While those were cooking, Jeanette and I got on the telephone to our son and daughter in law who live in Edmonton, Alberta.  We had not chatted with them since their return from a Hawaiian winter holiday.
Hmmm, hmmmm, good!
Our conversation with Deni was a bit spotty due to a weak signal out here in the desert.  Jeanette had a good connection but as soon as I took the phone, the signal fragmented.  Nonetheless, it was great to catch up on their lives.
We closed the phone conversation and proceeded to enjoy these burgers.

I spotted the regular propane truck that services the Pirate Cove RV Resort, this morning, and that prompted a check of our on board LP gas situation.  Although we've been on the road approaching one month, our propane use has been negligible.

This colours our past few days.  It's all good! 


  1. Sun damage is an insidious part of this lifestyle we have chosen. Something is always suffering the effects and awaiting repair. 90% of the paint damage on the Honda we just had repainted was a result of sun exposure.

  2. As busy as you have been a lot of nothin' must seem like a nice break and some time to get the little projects out of the way before your next adventure. Glad to see you had a nice time in Vegas. Nice job on your roof vent, and those campfire hot dogs sounded so good.

  3. Good job on the vent, Rene, and an even better job on the hamburgers!!

  4. Good to see you keeping everything tip top! Love hot dogs on the fire!