Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ah...Yes....The Good Weather Is Back!

And true to form, the good desert weather has returned following, what locals call, the worst cold weather in decades.  We say yea to that! The trend is warming daily... to return mid-70's temperatures in the days ahead.  We'll be enjoying mid-to high 60's today.  That is in stark contrast to the mid-40's highs we experienced most recently.
Just rock....and more rock.
While in Bullhead City last Friday, we dropped into a motorcycle shop and ordered a new front tire for the motorcycle.  It arrived on Tuesday and that's where I headed to.
It was still cool so I geared up with the heated riding clothes....and fired up the heated grips.
It was an approximately 50 minute ride to the Bullhead City Kawasaki motorcycle dealer.  I made really good time, avoiding the city core, by taking the Parkway around the city.
Leaving Pirate Cove / Moabi Regional Park RV area.
The motorcycle technicians were great.  I was invited into the shop and, once back on two wheels, I was back at the RV within three hours from starting out.  

Jeanette had prepared a scrumptious dinner and, together with Hector and Diane (Chico too), we enjoyed a nice evening in our 5th wheel - with the heat on!!!
Chico and Diane relax before dinner.  You can see the Colorado River out of the rear picture window.
Hector and I were anxious to get back on the links and with the good weather back - albeit kind of windy - we headed for El Rio Golf and Country Club in Mojave - about 30 minutes from our park.

Hector on the #10 Tee box.
The wind was making the round more difficult but to play the desert courses is to adapt...and we tried to do just that. We managed well, overall.
In the swing.
It's always interesting to aim a shot, either left or right (depending on wind direction) of one's intended target.
The tee boxes, greens and part of the fairways are watered.  The rest of the field is left to yellow.
This is a really nice golf course.  We played here many times last January and El Rio will likely be our regular golf destination during our stay in this area.
In the tough, windy conditions, we managed to score well on the front nine but finished the back nine 10 strokes higher than the front.  The wind was buffeting every which way and play seemed more difficult. 
Waiting for the groups ahead to push forward.
We have some options for today and tomorrow, with respect to activities.  We could (and are more likely to) do a few laundry loads in our fiver before heading out for a nice hike in the area today.   That is our most likely option.

Tomorrow's magnet is to ride to Lake Havasu City to take in the Volkswagen Vintage Bus fair.  It sounds like a really nice activity to take in.  We'll report on that if we go.

Saturday will have us pack up the motorcycle before heading off to Las Vegas (2 hours north of here) to meet up with Jeanette's sister, Deb and husband Bob, along with another couple, who will be flying in this evening from Calgary, Alberta.  We'll join them for a couple of days of Vegas fun.  We are looking forward to that.
  That covers things from here for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


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  2. Hate the wind when I am golfing, hope you had fun!

  3. It sure is nice to have the warm weather back. Glad to see you were able to get back out on the golf course too. Your swing looks a lot better than mine for sure!

    Enjoy the VW show and Las Vegas!

  4. glad that the warm weather has finally arrived for everyone!
    enjoy your time in Vegas!!

  5. Our warm weather came back too. That's a really nice view out your back window!

  6. Love the view from your window. You must let us know when you get to Gold Canyon. We have to get together for a meal or something.


  7. Brenda and John,

    We'll be in touch for sure, in early February.

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