Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who Turned The Heat Off? Brrrrr.......

OK!  We were well advised that the temperatures were to drop to below freezing levels during the night...and continuing these next few nights. It was 26 degrees at 7:00 this morning.  It did warm up nicely, to the mid-50's, but that is still not the norm here.
Driving through Bullhead City, AZ
 We went to Bullhead City yesterday to purchase some food stuffs and to top off the diesel tank. At the low (for this area) price of $3.73 / gallon, it was a good thing to do.  I also ordered a new front tire for our motorcycle.  It is due to arrive on Tuesday and will be installed the same day, in the afternoon.
Our little spot on the Colorado River
Back home, the sun was bright and clear and, if sitting in the sun, it was actually pleasant.  We did just that with our books and lunch.
Jeanette is getting creative with the camera.....another activity to partake in.
While snooping around our area, we found the tracks in the photo below.  We could not make out the type of wildlife ....but someone out there in blogland might enlighten us.

We opted for a hike this mid-morning.
Dressing up in layers - for the cool weather - we headed back for the loop trail.   Walking the opposite to our walk the other day, we started gathering dead fall - tree branches - and before long, we had several good piles of wood for beach fires. We hiked back to our RV spot, started the truck and headed back to gather our firewood.  We a rewell stocked for several fires in the days ahead.

Jeanette is the boss on this project. The hood keeps the cool wind away from her ears.
We moved several rocks from areas along the beach to the site Jeanette chose for a fire pit.  We made quick work of that and, this evening, following dinner at Hector and Diane's, if the slight daytime wind falls off, we'll build a nice fire and enjoy the outdoors.

This afternoon was a 'stay at home' kind of day....just enjoying the scenery.  The wind put a kibosh on my interest in kayaking the river.  Perhaps tomorrow? We'll know better then.

That sums it up for here, for now.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. so sorry to hear your experiencing such cold temps..but hey its not snow so thats a good thing...hopefully it warms up soon for you...

  2. Hope it warms up for you...we will send you some hot stuff, seems like we have lots here!

  3. it's balmy here at home!..try down to -7 celcius tonight!
    hope the weather warms up tomorrow for you!

  4. Seems all us snowbirds are experiencing way cooler than normal temps. Someone here in TX said this is the coldest/gray winter they have experienced in the six years they've been coming to this area.

  5. It looks like you may need lots of firewood until Wednesday anyway when the temperatures finally begin to inch back up to normal here in the southwest. The only consolation is that everyone else is cold too!!

    Still, with sunshine and not much wind, it can make for a pleasant day to go for a hike or just sit outside and read.