Friday, January 18, 2013

A Walk...and VW Bus Show!

Yesterday was an ideal day to take a hike - between laundry loads - and just catching up with some reading while sitting in the sun.  You read right!  We were able to sit in the sun again.  Reasonably warm temperatures have returned.
We headed off to walk a two mile groomed trail.
These hills are interesting to watch because the colour on the face changes with the position of the sun.
Our shadows
RV friends - Patty and David, from Yuba City, CA, arrived two days ago. We were hoping they would be back. They also ride a nice Harley Davidson....and, yes....some rides are in the planning stages.
Today we headed off to Lake Havasu City, primarily to visit the VW Vintage Bus exhibit.  I am always attracted to vintage vehicles...and my very first car was a red, 1964 Volkswagen Beetle....similar to this one below.
I loved my first car....and I have great memories driving it.  My Beetle got me through my first year of university. I drove it for two years before selling it for something more modern and with a far better in car heating system.
A restored early 60's VW bus.  What a beauty.
There were at least 50+ VW bus type vans on  display on the Havasu Lake waterfront.  We paid our $2 each and enjoyed the wide scope of original to fully restored vehicles.
Bumper sticker says it all!
An unrestored German Police Paddy back to the late 50's
Everyone was camping out on the waterfront....with several fires burning in the fire pits.
A beautifully restored and slightly modified bus.
Another of the better restored beauties....and my personal favourite.

We have a few friends who had the very similar VW camper bus as this burgundy coloured beauty. This camper van was likely in the best condition of all those on display.

Our first camper van was built on a Dodge van body....with a solid fiberglass raised roof.  We had a ton of fun with that rig, when our kids were younger.

I'm sure most of you have seen these VW powered, Winnebago, Class C, motorhomes.
Awesome crew cab truck style VW.
But this was my favourite truck.  It is pristine.
Camping in style......?
Early air conditioning....!
Do you remember Flower Power?
From my perspective, this was likely the older VW on site.  This is a 1958 single cab original condition.
It didn't take very long to tour the VW Vintage Bus site..but for $2, it was well worth the visit.  Hector and Diane were thrilled to see these old vans and trucks too.

We also spent a bit of time running a few errands and Hector wanted to pick up his computer from the Havasu Staples store.  He was having some problems that required geek squad intervention.  All cleaned up, the computer is zippy once again.
Hector and Diane on the Havasu waterfront
Token London Bridge shot....with flags
....and the marina at Lake Havasu Tourist Information Centre.
There is not a lot of substantive writing to this blog....but with all of the photos telling a bit of story...few words are necessary.

Oh.....and for the QUILTERS out there in blogland, here's one photo for you!
A quilter with a true love for anything VW BUS!
 Tomorrow we motorcycle north to Las Vegas.....and we'll report on the sins (if any) incurred while we are there. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great VW pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. great tour of the VW show!! I like the orange one too..but you know, how we feel about 'orange'!

  3. How fun! I was given a 1959 VW car--it sits in the garage, we drive it occasionally but it really needs to be restored--wish I could get Mike working on that project (along with all his other projects!)

  4. Thanks for the VW tour. I bought a brand new VW Beetle in 1967 for $2,000 and loved that car - kept it for 10 years.

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  6. Neat bunch of old VW.... Used to have a couple old bugs a d loved them.