Thursday, January 10, 2013

Settled In To Snowbird Activities....

It is very nice to be settled in here on the Colorado River.  We're well into the routine now!
River's Edge Golf Course
Hector and I got on the links, this Tuesday past, for 18 holes.  It was fun to have the clubs in our hands.  We played well but we both had a club or two that need some tweaking. My wedges, (which served me well this past season) were not cooperating. I'll work on them!  Funny thing about golf is that when a club doesn't work well , it is the club's fault....not the fault of the guy holding the club!!!!!  LOL  Either way, it was a gift to be out playing!
The golf course parallels the Colorado River on the California side.  The other side - with homes - is in Arizona.
Another early morning photograph.
Yesterday was reserved for a motorcycle ride to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, about 30 minutes from our RV spot.  We had a few errands to run.
Sure was nice to be back on two wheels.
 It was a truly gorgeous day, yesterday.  The temperatures hovered in the mid-70's.  That is perfect riding weather. 
On Highway 95 south, off of I-40, toward Lake Havasu City.
The trip was quick.  With highway speeds legal at 75 mph, it doesn't take long to travel 30, or so, miles.  The countryside does not disappoint.  I enjoy the different effects the sunlight creates on the 'painted' mountains.
London Bridge (in the background) with the Havasu tourist bureau in the foreground.
We made a brief stop here after stopping at the Battery Company that offers every conceivable battery anyone would ever need.  A recent blog mentioned the need to replace the 5 yr. old battery in our motorcycle.  It started the bike OK...but it was sluggish in doing so. The new battery is quick to start the motorcycle now.  Rather than risk the old battery shorting out - as it would have - we've removed that threat with the fresh one.
Entrance to the London Bridge tourist area.
Jeanette is looking at the boat ramp where boaters were unloading.
Riding west, over the London Bridge, we reached the very end of the road and turned into the parking area.  Several boaters were readying to head out on the lake.  Other boaters were detailing their prized processions  and others were relaxing with a fishing line or two as they trolled the waters for that prized large or small mouth bass.  One couple, walking by us, with fishing poles in hand, eyed our motorcycle license plate and asked if we had ridden it down from BC.  Although I have ridden the motorcycle down here before (a few years back), we explained how it sits on the swivel wheel behind our 5th wheel.
We enjoyed an outdoor lunch, sitting right here.
Jeanette had the idea to stop at the local Safeway store where she ordered two fresh panini sandwiches.  We rolled into the local Rotary Park, removed our riding gear and enjoyed lunch while sitting in the nice warm sun.  
The walk way in Rotary Park.
We promised to return here, with our Sea Eagle kayak, to paddle the lake.  The lake is quite large so it offers several possible boat rides.
Hey, that looks just like our Sea Eagle kayak.
The couple, in the photo above, have the identical kayak as ours.  We watched as they set it up and when they paddled off. sure was inviting! 

Before heading back to our RV spot, we dropped into the local Radio Shack to have our Virgin Mobile Internet stick reactivated for the winter season.  That done, our errands list was complete.  We suited up for the ride back.
Our return ride back to our RV park.
The Arizona highways are so great to ride on.  They do build them well in this state. Smooth, rolling and winding highways are a motorcyclist's dream!  Such a treat!
Another early morning photograph.  The clouds - with the sun waking up - add nice warm hues.
Today delivered an unusual southwest wind.  The norm is for winds emanating from the north. Long time RV returnees stated how unusual a southwest wind truly is in these parts.  The wind was very warm.  I was out of the fiver with my camera at 6:00 am and it was already 60 degrees.  Jeanette stayed under the covers.....thinking the wind was delivering cooler temperatures.  North winds deliver cooler temps; that's guaranteed!
A completely different view - with the sun peeking over the mountains and the clouds adding some nice hues.
Desert mornings do bring some interesting contrast in colours - depending on the dust in the air and/or the cloud types and ceilings.  It's always fun to play with the camera to capture some nice shots.  It keeps the mind interested too!
Although a 'stay at home day' today, we went for a long hike on 'The Loop', as the locals here call the trail we were on.
It was nice to balance the past few days with a hardy mid-morning hike.  We left our site and walked north on the roadway towards the end of the road.  From there we hiked up into the sand dunes and over to the return part of the loop, heading west then south.  There are wild burros (small donkeys) that inhabit this area.  We did not see any but we saw their droppings on the trail....a sure sign of their close proximity.
Jeanette is working her way south....
Jeanette was well dressed for the hike.  I always wear shorts (other than for motorcycling) and it was quite warm on the walk.  Jeanette hates being cold....and always takes more clothing along.

We had several emails to look after today.  That done - and with the blog completed - we can settle back with the two hours of light left in our day before catching up on the PGA Hawaiian golf tour and local British Columbia and other Canadian news with our satellite dish.

It's all good!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. To steal a line from our buddy Croft: Life is Good!
    Keep warm over the next few days though!
    Rod & Sylvia

  2. Beautiful photos of the Colorado River and the Lake Havasu area.

    Nice to hear about the warm weather - we're in for a bit of cool stuff for a few more days now so I'll be back to a sweatshirt instead of my usual t-shirt for at least a few days.

    I wish my only problem with golf was wedges!!

  3. gorgeous pictures....glad your having good weather...and good times