Monday, January 7, 2013

A Pleasant Return to the Colorado River

Yes....we made it to our favourite first month stopover on the Colorado River.  We also lucked out and got the very same RV spot as one year ago.  Can't beat that.

While the RV was being serviced in Bakersfield, CA, last Saturday morning -  for emergency wiring of systems and brakes - following the awful new tire blowout, Jeanette had some fun in the Orange Grove.
Nice crop of snowbird oranges for us....
The true grandmother that she is, Jeanette could not resist writing out our grandson's name and emailing it to our daughter and son in law.
This is pure fun for Jeanette.....
A surprise visit from RVing friends....who were quite surprised to find us at Orange Grove, considering that they left home several days later than us.
Ready to leave Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield, CA
While working to button up the RV for the road trip to our Colorado River RV spot, another RV friend and motorcyclist showed up.  Lucky (spouse Trena) are from our neck of the woods in the coastal lower mainland of British Columbia.  We knew they were on the road but that they were a few days behind us.  Well, with the RV jacks and tire blowout issues we faced, they were able to catch up to us at Orange Grove.  They were quite surprised for find us there.
East of Tehachapi, CA, and the familiar Edwards Air Force base.
Our departure was a bit delayed but it was sure fun to visit with Lucky and Trena.  They chose to spend one extra day at Orange Grove before heading to Palm Springs country. We will be seeing them again when we all get together in Yuma, AZ, in mid-March.  Lucky and Trena have trailored their Harley  Davidson so we look forward to some fun rides in the desert.

Hector and Diane will end up in Yuma too, near or about that time, and the golfing will resume in earnest too.  Life is good, even when dealt a few sideways blows.  C'est la vie, n'est ce past?
Mid-afternoon arrival at our Colorado River RV spot.
It was gratifying to arrive at Moabi Regional Park, on the river, near 4:00 pm yesterday.  We scouted out the RV sites that were available and we could hardley believe that our favoured spot - from last year - was available, and so was the one next to us.  It could house Hector, Diane and dog, Chico.  Great!
Our set up went well but it was nightfall before we knew it.
We hooked up the basics, opened the slides, made sure we were level and then left the rest of our set up for this morning.  We enjoyed a casual dinner in our own rigs, watched a bit of TV then settled in for a really good sleep.
Taken at 6:30 am this morning.
From the rear picture window of our fiver, I could not resist taking this photo.  This is what we both enjoy about this area.  The river is inviting and the surrounding scenery is captivating.
With a coffee in hand, I stepped out to a chilly desert morning as the sun was rising to capture a few shots of the area.
I saw Hector scoot off for a long walk with Chico near 6:45 am.  The two of them were off hiking in the hills.  I hiked around the area and felt so content to be back to this familiar place. 

After breakfast, I continued with the outdoor set up and we are now settled in.

A round of golf is in the cards for tomorrow. Hector and I really look forward to that! Hector and I met while RVing and we both enjoy golf.... We have been RVing golf buddies ever since.  
Looking southeast along the Colorado River.
These are full service sites - on sand -  with plenty of space. It is rustic when compared to typical RV Parks. It totally suits our RVing lifestyle.
This morning, Hector and Diane moved their rig to the spot next to ours.  Although it was reserved, the RVer has medical issues and advised he would not be taking the spot. Hector was able to take it over.  The spaces are so wide that you do not get the feeling of closeness most common in typical RV parks.
Directly west of our site.
These(photo above) are the hills and trails we often hike while staying in this area.  It is pristine.  

With the motorcycle for touring, the kayak for river fun, the hiking trails for topographic exercise and the golf clubs for challenge and sport, it's a treat to be here.  And relish it we do!  We also get to meet regular RV returnees and several are motorcyclists too.

Of course, there are the pot luck dinners and the gatherings around beach fires in the evenings. 

So.....its nice to have roots set down till the end of January when we'll button up again and head further east for a few weeks in Gold Canyon.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad to see you got your favourite camping site again. You and Jeanette definitely were due for some good luck.

    Spelling out Easton's name with oranges was a brilliant idea.

    Have fun golfing.

  2. A true nurse at work, those are probably surgical scissors that she is using to sever the oranges from the tree. Glad you made it safe and sound to the Colorado.

  3. glad you landed safely!..enough with the bad luck and now it looks like you hit the 'jackpot'..beautiful campsite!!

  4. It is great you got to you first destination without further incident. As bad as these things are at the time, they just fade into background "noise" as time passes. It is all part of the great adventure!

  5. Looks like you are all set up and ready to roll! Enjoy!