Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Golf & Special Visit with Neighbours

If our blog readers are not golf fans, they are likely to enjoy the beautiful photos from our round of golf, held at the JW Marriott Resort, this past Monday.  It is not so much about the golf but more about what can be built in desert sand.  This resort golf course is incredibly beautiful.
Pristine and inviting.....
Fred, who winters in the Palm Desert area with his wife, Pat, is a member of our mens golf group back home.  We have golfed together for over 20 years.   He is the master at finding and booking discount golf.  That said, we were booked in at this beautiful resort course last Monday.
The resort operates a passenger tour boat on this lake.'s true!
The resort course, located in  Palm Desert, is dotted with many, many waterfalls.  To see and hear waterfalls in the desert seems odd....but it goes to show that anything can be built.  It simply requires human ingenuity and human effort.
And...this resort was busy.  Behind the flowers were scores of tourists enjoying the numerous pools.
One of the many waterfalls on the golf course.
Joining Hector, Fred and I was a good fellow golfer from the Los Angeles area.  He fit right in with our group and a good round was had.
Dave (from LA) Fred and Hector.....waiting on the group ahead.
Another pretty photo.....
This golf course can be distracting.  That's how beautiful it is!  The beauty is calming though  and we were able to focus on our golf shots. A good round was had!
A couple more waterfalls....
A posterity photo:  Me, Hector and Fred.
We have one more round planned for tomorrow (Thursday) before Fred/Pat head for home, Hector/Diane head for Las Vegas and Jeanette and I plan our return for home.
The signature - No.1 rated -  # 17 golf hole at the JW Marriott.  Golfers have to hit over the water and onto the Par 3 green.
....and here is the evidence that lakes are built in the desert and that boats do take tourists around.
Our post round refreshments.  Pat (Fred's wife) dropped by to collect Fred, following our round.
Yesterday was customer appreciation day at our RV resort.  Barbecued hamburgers (with all the trimmings) were offered up.  We took in the free lunch and it was very good.  
The resort clubhouse at our RV park.
In the early afternoon,   Allen and Lolita ( Allen & Lolita's RV Journey ) dropped by our site to inform us that they were planning to roll in with their 5th wheel, later this week.  They drove in to take a first hand look at the sites and check out the resort facilities.  So, we'll be seeing them in a few days.

While we were out golfing, Jeanette and Diane were busy too......getting pedicures....and colouring their nails in funky fluorescent colours.  Jeanette's feet (middle) feature green and yellow.  There is good reason for this!  Our grandson, Easton, is celebrating his 1st birthday, this April 10th, and his mom (our daughter) informed us that the birthday theme is John Deere green and yellow.  Everyone is to dress in yellow and why not have coloured John Deere toe nails?  Diane got into the Easter mood with her choices.  So....that's what they do while we are golfing????????
A visit with long time neighbours from back home, on the BC coast.
We made plans to visit our long term, former neighbours, from back home, who winter in Palm Springs.  Al and Joan were our neighbours for  20 years, when we lived in the oceanside community of White Rock, BC.
We motorcycled over to their winter place.  Joan comes out to welcome us.
True to form,  it was a wonderful mid-afternoon visit.  We do see them back home too but it was nice to drop by for a Palm Springs style visit. The gracious hosts that they are made for a very nice visit.
Al had joined us for a round of golf, last week, that was featured in an earlier blog.
 A nice visit had, and the customary group photo snapped, Jeanette and I hopped on the motorcycle for the ride back to Desert Hot Springs.
L-R   Al, Jeanette and Joan  -  They head back for home this Saturday.
That's about it from here, for now. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. That is sure one beautiful looking golf course. I'd be taking more photos than golf shots!

    Great looking toes - love the John Deere theme!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful course, makes me want to take up golf again!

  3. Sure some beautiful resorts and courses you visited and played on. Like the new header picture,it's a beautiful setting for the picture. The ladies sure looked like they had a good time with the pedicures. That's going to be a neat theme for Easton's first birthday! Have a great day and see you Friday.

  4. That is quite the course you got to play there... amazing whart they can do out in the desert!