Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Mystery Revealed.....

A couple of blogs back, I wrote about rolling into Desert Hot Springs, CA, then returning to Yuma, a few days later, to retrieve our motorcycle that sat at my brother's place.  That caught the attention of a few readers! I received a few private emails asking why I had not mounted the motorcycle on the swivel wheel for our journey to the Palm Springs, CA, area.

Well, truth be told, we did travel with a motorcycle on our swivel wheel, from Yuma to Desert Hot Springs.  In fact, we traveled with our brand new motorcycle - a Harley Davidson, Electra Glide, Ultra Classic motorcycle.  Here it is!

Only a few short months old....and quite a find!
Although we had considered shopping for a new ride this spring, it was not our intention to purchase a motorcycle during our winter excursion in the US southwest....but....., never say never!  Out of the blue appeared this beauty and, in short, we offered a low balled price and it was accepted. We were pleasantly shocked with the acceptance of our offer. This motorcycle, in Canada, is several thousands of dollars more. was a no brainer.

We did our due diligence and filed two separate 'car fax' checks; filed a State of Arizona, Attorney General, check on theft; confirmed with the local Yuma Harley Davidson dealer that it had been purchased there, only a few months earlier, and that the warranty was transferable.  Just a few days ago, the State of Arizona issued a new Title in our name.  So we are the confirmed, rightful owners.
Our current motorcycle is ten years old.  It is a high mileage bike that is in excellent condition.  We plan to keep it for our son and son in law (both riders) who can use it at will.
A comfortable ride that features all conceivable bells and whistles.
Equipped with cruise control, high end stereo system, microphone headsets, and more, there is nothing else to add to this ride.....other than more chrome, perhaps!
Ready for riding......
Jeanette and I rode the new Harley well over 500 miles in the Yuma area and we are thrilled with the stability and ease on highways and in curves.  With 110 years of experience, producing motorcycles, this Harley is so finely tuned and so well engineered that it provides a comfortable and seamless ride.

So, we did haul a motorcycle on the swivel wheel to Palm Springs, from Yuma.
Now you know why we detached the swivel wheel from our 5th wheel, installed it on the truck, and drove to Yuma to retrieve our Kawasaki 1500 Nomad motorcycle.
Loading the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad motorcycle @ my brother's home in Yuma, AZ.
Although not a motorcycle driver, Jeanette had to try out the pilot seat.  She gave it her seal of approval but still prefers to ride in the comfort of the awesome passenger seat.
We made arrangements to store the new Harley Davidson in a secure storage facility near the Palm Springs Airport.  Jeanette and I have booked flights to Palm Springs in May and we'll ride the Harley back home - traveling along the California 101 and other coastal highways, into Oregon, Washington and home.  We'll export it out of the US of A and import it into Canada.  That is an easy process.  We have exported and imported numerous vehicles in the past.
Diane tries out the awesome rider seat.  She liked it too.
Hector had to try it too....and Chico felt he should go along for the ride.
Chico, the Portuguese Water Dog, always feels the need to be with matter what he does or where he goes.  A fun dog he is!
Loading up the Harley Davidson to take it to the Palm Springs storage facility.
As soon as the purchase was confirmed, I got on the telephone to our insurance provider, ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) and, within minutes, I had transport insurance for the swivel wheel and a storage policy to cover fire, theft and vandalism.  ICBC emailed the documents within minutes too.  Before flying back to ride it home, ICBC will issue a travel docket that will cover our trip back to BC.
Preparing to unload the HD at the storage facility.

Door about to be closed and locked.
The storage facility is mere minutes from the Palm Springs Airport.  That will make it easy to access when we fly down in May.  We made arrangements to have the bike serviced at the local Harley Davidson dealer the day after our arrival and before we ride back home.

Now you understand the mystery as to why we returned to Yuma to retrieve our other motorcycle.  It will make the swivel wheel journey back home with us when we leave the Palm Springs area this April 3rd, 2013.

Jeanette and I look forward to riding her home ........
Thanks for dropping by....!


  1. Beautiful bike Rene'. Sure sounds like it will be a fun trip bringing it home. Enjoyed all the pic's.

  2. Wow, what a beauty and a fun trip ahead. Thanks for solving the mystery for us!

  3. WOW! That wasn't what we were expecting at all!! We wondered if it had something to do with California laws regarding the swivel trailer.

  4. Awesome !! We didn't see this one coming either ... ha ha.

    Beautiful bike for sure ...

    You guys sure are organized, already booking flights and scheduling service work.

    Guess we can learn a thing or two from you ...

    Take care ... TnT

  5. congrats on your new wheels!! very nice!!!

  6. Nice machine! You will certainly get a pile of miles out of it! This is one of the nicest bikes built today I believe.

  7. Wow! A new ride and the plus of getting a great ride up the coast with the old bike in May! The best of both worlds! Congratulations.

  8. Mystery solved and what an awesome bike. You wil have many great miles ahead of you on it. Enjoy!

  9. What a beauty - you sure surprised me with this one! I never expected a new Harley!

    Now you and Jeanette can go out and buy all that neat Harley Davidson paraphernalia like 'Hog Heaven' t-shirts!

    The trip to drive the bike home should be awesome!

  10. That's a beauty for sure. I'm with Rick though, you've now got a lot of H-D accessories to purchase!

  11. She is a beaut, can't wait till next time we trade rides.