Saturday, March 16, 2013

California Dreaming....

We sort of fell back from our routine of writing a blog every other day.  Why?  No time to's been just that busy!

We packed up and left Yuma last Wednesday and headed for our current destination at Calienté Hot Springs and RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs, just north of Palm Springs, CA.

Readying to leave Yuma, AZ
We made good time with hitching up and we're on the road by 9:30 am.  It was a hot day for travel but we were nice and cool in the air conditioned cab of the truck.   The outdoor temperature hovered between 85-95 degrees, over the three hour drive towards Palm Springs, CA.
Driving west on Dillon Road toward our next RV spot.
1:30 pm arrival at Calienté Springs
Once our site was assigned, we made quick work of backing in and setting ourselves up.  We both drank several bottles of water in the two hour setup period.  Man, it was hot.  The temperature reached 99 degrees.  No complaints on the heat though!  Bring it on!

We enjoyed a lovely late afternoon, sitting in the shade and, following an outdoor dinner at our site, Jeanette and I headed for a soak in the numerous pools at this awesome resort.

Driving into downtown Palm Springs.
We caught up with Lucky and Trena, RV friends who had returned to Desert Hot Springs from Yuma, AZ, a few days earlier than us, and we firmed up plans to visit the Thursday evening Palm Springs market.
Downtown Palm Springs at 6:00 pm....just as the street market/fair was opening up to the public.
A large crowd had gathered at this year's star attraction in downtown Palm Springs.  Yes, Marylin was back to stardom and attracting everyone; us included.
Lucky and I had to to have a much closer look at this 35,000 lb, stainless steel and aluminum monstrosity.
She does dominate the downtown core.
 Surprise encounter with fellow RVers, Trent and Teresa.
What a wonderful surprise to bump into  Trent and Teresa whom we had not seen since our stay at Canyon Vista RV Resort in Gold Canyon, AZ., last February.  With talk about getting together with other like minded RVers soon, we continued our walk along the busy street, dotted with food and trinket vendors.
The hot evening brought out the masses.  It was busy, busy, on the street.
We found a good spot to enjoy a libation and some finger foods before completing our tour of the market and heading back for home.

It was early to bed because we had plans to hitch the motorcycle swivel wheel to our truck and head out early yesterday morning (Friday) for Yuma.  Why back to Yuma?  Read on....and you'll know why!
Back to Yuma we go!
It was an easy three hour drive and we were back in Yuma.  Traffic was normal and the drive was uneventful.
Only minutes from Yuma....
With a few planned errands completed, we arrived at my brother's place at Country Roads RV Resort, to collect our motorcycle and take it back to Desert Hot Springs. So....the question arises as to why we would not have hauled our motorcycle during our drive out with the 5th wheel?   Well, that is a story in itself.  I'll colour that in the days ahead.  Oh..... the mystery of it all!
Bernie watches as I ready the ramp to load the motorcycle.
It took only a few minutes and the bike was loaded and securely strapped down.
All loaded and ready to roll.
We enjoyed some time sitting in the shade of their home, consuming buckets of liquids to cool us down in the high heat.
Sister in law, Rita, points to their outdoor temperature gauge, on the shade side.
Check this out!  It was 102 degrees in the shade!!!!!
Enjoying our much needed fluids. 
Before long, it was time to say good bye.  With promises to visit again this summer, while in the Province of Alberta, we prepared for the three hour drive back to Desert Hot Springs.
Neighbour, Paul, took this photo of us prior to our final departure from Yuma, this year.
The motorcycle sits well on the swivel wheel...! Jeanette looked back a few times to make sure  it was secure.
We chose to drive Route 111 north, off I-8, on our return trip to Desert Hot Springs. We were also in search of our long lost RV friends, Hector and Diane - and Chico the Portuguese Water Dog.  Two hours into our drive, we did find them, well settled, in a little family friendly RV Resort called Bashfords.  It's very close to The Fountain of Youth RV Resort, situated on the east side of the Salton Sea.  It was our very first time on the east side of the sea.  We had always traveled Highway 86, on the west side of the Salton Sea on previous trips from Yuma.
Is anybody home?
Chico, their wonderful dog, recognized the sound of our truck and was eager to offer his most friendly greeting.  Out of their coach, he came running with gusto to say hello (and check to see if we had any special treats).
Chocolate Mountains is the view from Hector and Diane's front window.
This was a surprise visit.  They had no clue that we would show up.  We enjoyed several hours of laughter and chat before they prepared an unexpected dinner and insisted on us joining them.  Well, what's not to like about that?  Dinner was great!  Thank you!

We toured their little family run RV park. It has been in operation for two generations.  We even met the current owner - the son of the original founders.  It is an older park but it does have its charms too.
The natural mountain hot springs bleed into this catchment pond - filled with fish that thrive in the warm water.
Bashfords is a natural hot spring resort.  True to form, it offers outdoor baths for it clients.  You sit in the open tubs to enjoy the hot springs water.  Once done, you pull the plug, drain the tub and wash it out for the next user.
The individual hot springs outdoor tubs.
 Chico was up for a walk .....and a swim....and we obliged.  It's always fun to watch a water oriented dog address water with gusto!
Chico is about to be released from his leash.
Once given approval to go for a swim, he takes off with gusto........
.....and in the water he goes.  It's pure pleasure to watch this dog enjoy a swim.
A final photo with Hector, Diane and Chico before Jeanette and I resumed our return trip to Desert Hot Springs.
We said our good byes, knowing it would be only a few days before they will join us in Desert Hot Springs so that we can resume our golfing addiction.  
A final photo before the setting sun darkens the Chocolate Mountains.
Jeanette and I completed the drive back, in the dark.  By 9:00 pm we were back at Calienté Hot Springs and RV Resort.

We are looking forward to the next few days.  Our son and daughter in law (Deni and Courtney) have arrived in Palm Springs, from Edmonton, Alberta, for a few days of sun, heat and R&R.  

Shortly after posting this blog, Jeanette and I will drive out to College of the Desert (Palm Desert) to meet with up with our kids, Barb (Courntey's mom) and Doug (Barb's fella).  Deni and Courtney are staying with Barb and Doug at a resort in Palm Desert.  So, a fun, few days ahead for us all.  Can't wait!

So, that's what we've been up to these past few days.  The motorcycle mystery will be revealed in the days ahead.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. you sure have been very busy!! enjoy the time with your son and daughter-in-law!

  2. Wow...I am getting tired just reading. Nice to see the nice warm weather...we are starting to really warm up here as well. I miss DHS this year...enjoy it for me!


  3. You guys have been busy--enjoying life! Don't you just love this warm weather!

  4. I get exhausted just from reading about how buys you and Jeanette are although I do know you both manage to squeeze in lots of time relax and enjoy all of your activities.

    Glad to hear your family has been over in 'no wind' Palm Desert for the past day or so even though our winds have been nice and hot.

    Looking forward to hearing the 'rest of the story' about the swivel wheel.

  5. You sure did have a busy day thats for sure.
    Me miss Desert Hot springs this year too.

  6. Enjoyed following along as always on your adventure. You never leave me bored. Looked like a fun evening at the street market. Have a great week with the kid's.

  7. wow you have been busy...when do you rest??? I dont' think I could keep up with you all...enjoy the family time :)