Monday, March 11, 2013

Let Us Focus on Lettuce!....What?

Attending a Lettuce Festival on Saturday didn't strike me as a fun thing to do.  But it was!  Joining other motorcyclists for a Sunday morning breakfast ride did strike me as a fun thing to do.  And it was!
Walking from the parking area to the site of the Saturday Lettuce Festival in Old Town, Yuma.
Jeanette and my sister in law, Rita, had talked about going to the Yuma Lettuce Festival on Saturday.  Bernie and I joined in too.  We had no idea this event would be as interesting as it turned out to be.  This is a worthy event. And, why not celebrate the foods that are grown in this region?
The fertile lands around here feed most of North America's population in the winter months.
The fair was reminiscent of so many small town fairs I attended while growing up in the Province of Alberta.  It was fun!  There were vegetables of all types, great live music, and plenty of things to see.
This well known company was giving away fruit cups, juice cans and really tasty fruit candy.
Attractive displays

A well attended event!
Rita got to meet and be photographed with Mr. Pineapple....
A local chef carved this beautiful fruit and vegetable sculpture...with a functioning waterfall.
And Jeanette got to meet and be photographed with the Dole representative....Mr. Bananahead, I believe!
Lunch called for a large bowl of mixed greens....of course!
At snowbirders for a Saturday evening bowl of hobo stew.
Back at Bernie and Rita's place, we sat out in the afternoon sun before heading over to one of their winter friend's site for happy hour and a large bowl of hobo stew.  We were welcomed with open arms....and before long, we were well into the joke telling and laughing.
Filling our bowls with hobo stew.
The guys sort of hang together....telling lies and laughing.....while the women hang together talking about whatever they talk about.
Glen, our host (from Manitoba), was dispensing plates of this tasty ice cream cake.
 Sunday Morning Motorcycle Breakfast Ride.
Sunday morning meet at Lucky and Trena's RV site to ride off for some breakfast spot.
I was prompted to lead the ride so off we rode, east, towards Welton and a really good breakfast place.   Our choice was the Coyote Wash Golf Course clubhouse.  It is a popular breakfast spot.  Every table was taken but one was made available, shortly after our arrival there.
Post breakfast ride into the Dome Valley.....touring the vegetable farms there.
The Dome Valley is but one of the numerous vegetable farming spots in the Yuma countryside.  It's nice to do a slow ride to enjoy watching the harvesting of crops.

These tractors, along one of the roads we rode, were moved there for  that day's harvest.
It's a special place to visit.
Field after field of lettuce.
Lovely setting
Homeland Security fence to keep Mexicans from border jumping into the US of A.
After our morning breakfast ride, we rode back to Lucky and Trena's RV site.  After sitting around for a while, Jeanette and I chose to take another ride in the awesome afternoon weather.  We rode south to the city of San Luis, along the Mexican border.  This area is also dotted with vegetable farms but also boasts numerous orange, lemon and grapefruit groves.  Very nice indeed!

So that was our canvas of activities these past few days.  We'll busy ourselves with other activities, these next two days, before we hitch up and head to the Palm Springs area of California on Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Those Sunday morning breakfast rides sure seem like fun, and it looked like you had the perfect weather to go along with it. Glad you enjoyed the lettuce festival. All in all, it sure looks like it's been a great month in Yuma to date.

  2. Just ove the Yuma area, lots to see and do with great weather to boot.
    The Lettuce Festival sounds like great time too.
    A HOBO stew with friends is always tasty and fun.
    Enjoy the Palm Springs area we usually get into that area every year, except this one.

  3. Who knew there was a Lettuce Festival??

    Lettuce doesn't do much for me but I sure liked the looks of the Ice Cream Cake.

    Sure is nice with this hot weather right now, isn't it?

  4. I did not know there was a lettuce festival there...makes sense though, and looks like fun!