Sunday, March 31, 2013

Visitors, Dinners & Departures....

It has been a couple of wonderful days spent with visitors.  It all began on Friday afternoon when Allen and Lolita Allen & Lolita's RV Journey rolled in to our park for a few days of R&R.  
Allen and Lolita's 5th wheel.
Only a few hours after Allen and Lolita had completed their site set up, Rick and Paulette Rick & Paulette's RV Travels rolled up to our site and, with Hector and Diane along, we enjoyed a wonderful visit, followed by dinner.

Jeanette had been looking forward to Paulette's visit, to present her with a special grandmother's quilt that she had recently made.
The official quilt presentation.
Paulette and Rick are excited about the June arrival of their new grandson and - remembering our own excitement with Easton's birth last April - it was pure fun to see the pleasure in Paulette and Jeanette's eyes when the quilt was unveiled.
This type of gift brings pure pleasure to grandmothers!
With the official presentation complete, we settled in around some finger foods while the chatter began in earnest.  It was another hot day but the shade side of our RV kept us all comfortable.
L-R    Lolita, Allen, Rick and Paulette
After a couple of hours of catching up on our news and views, the barbecue was heated up and, before long, we were digging into some good chicken burgers.
Rick and Hector with the chicken burger fixings...
Hmmmm!  It's always nice to eat outdoors on a nice, warm evening, isn't it?
The last time Rick, Paulette, Jeanette and I had been together was during our overnight stay at the 7 Feathers RV Resort and Casino, in Canyonville, Oregon, last December 30th, 2012.  Aware of our departure dates, we both booked reservations to meet at that stunning RV Resort.  We had dinner at the casino nearby.

It takes little time to catch up on our respective winter activities because our blogs paint our respective experiences and activities.  

Hector and Diane got to meet Allen, Lolita, Rick and Paulette for the very first time.  Hector and Diane only live about one hour north from Rick and Paulette's home on Vancouver Island.  

With warm good byes, we ended the evening with promises to meet up again, sometime in the future.

Saturday morning - ready to journey to the College of the Desert street fair.
It's easy to get Jeanette and Diane up early when they plan a half day outing to a street fair.  While they were enjoying that, Hector was busy readying their RV for their planned departure.  They are rolling north and into Las Vegas, today.  They have family there and have a planned visit for the week ahead.

College of the Desert - Palm Desert, CA.
On the road back to our site, Diane and Jeanette dropped into some of their favourite stores.  No surprise there!
Kelly and Ted - Over for Saturday dinner.
Ted is my older brother's youngest son

Regular readers may recall that one of our golf rounds was held at the Palm Desert Golf Course.  My nephew, Ted is the superintendent there.  He was recruited from the Northern Bear  Golf and Country Club in  Edmonton, Alberta, (a Jack Nicklaus signature course)  to Palm Desert, CA. It was last September that Ted officially took over his new duties here.  The year previous, he flew down here every few weeks to consult on the recovery and reopening of the course after it was purchased by new owners.

Diane, me and Kelly.....digging into dinner.
It had been several years since we had last seen Kelly and Ted so it was a thrill that they could find the time to come over to our site.   

Adventurous couple that they are, the opportunity to live a new experience, in a new country, made their decision to leave Alberta an easy one.  Good on them!
We sat out for the entire afternoon and evening.
The stuff on the table, in the photo above, are gifts from Diane and Hector.  With their departure for Las Vegas today, they showered Jeanette and I with all kinds of wonderful things. Wow!  Talk about surprise!

After Hector and Diane returned to their coach, Ted, Kelly, Jeanette and I spent the balance of our visit enjoying good conversion.  Ted and Kelly have a solid vision for their future.  It is fun to listen to their dreams.  Soldier on, you two.  Yours is a journey to live for.

What a pleasant evening we had!  In fact, what a couple of pleasant visits we've had, these past couple of days.  What's not to like about that.
Soon to hitch'n'roll
Our desert days are waning now.  We'll enjoy the sun and sand, for a few more days, before packing in earnest for our departure for home, this coming Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Teresa and I sure admire your spirit of adventure and love of life as is displayed by your bike rides, hikes, and more importantly, being surrounded by family and friends !!

    We really wanted to get our good-bye hugs in yesterday, but knew you had family visiting, so we will get double hugs next visit.

    Safe travels friends ...


  2. Looks like a great couple of days with friends and family. Safe travels on Wednesday and Happy Easter!

  3. Safe travels back home...hard to believe winter is done!

  4. safe travels back home folks...we're heading out on Tuesday and a few stops to make along the way...and plan to roll into our driveway around Apr 22-23...hard to believe we've been gone for 6 months

  5. Another fun couple of days with family and friends, enjoy the rest of your time there and safe travels on down the road.

  6. Safe travels to you guys! Loved the "grandma" blanket!

  7. Glad to see your still busy with visitors and having fun.

    Thanks again for a great dinner and visit.

    Safe travels home!

  8. how nice to meet up with everyone one last time before they all head their seperate ways!! sounds like the party was a ton of fun!