Sunday, March 3, 2013

Martinez Lake and Date Shakes.

The weather in Yuma country has heated right up.  Our average daytime temperatures hover between 75 and 85 degrees.  These nice temperatures draw folks to lakes, rivers and streams.  We are no different....and Martinez Lake was calling for us to visit.
We rode out and arrived to a bustle of boats, with fishers trying hard to lure their favourite fish.  Those special lures reaped rewards.  We saw two guys who were busy fileting their catch.
Working hard on a fish skin, while the buddy (in the photo below) watches us watch them

A pastoral view on a calm day.
Competing for the best and biggest fish
Lovely home on the point.
We enjoyed a lot of outdoor time before riding back east to highway 95, then south to the road that would lead us to the south entrance of the Yuma Proving Ground, further west past the Imperial Dam, and to our intended destination for a much anticipated date shake.
The Imperial Date Gardens.
It's here that we each enjoyed a tasty date shake while hanging out in the date fields.  Date shakes are so good!  They taste even better on a super hot day!
Out standing in the field......of date trees that is.
Beautiful setting
Date farming is labour intensive.  So is vegetable farming.  On our way further west, from the date shake place, we witnessed the lettuce and cabbage harvest in action.  Riding along the harvested fields, we could smell the freshness of the harvest cut.

So many labourers are required to harvest these vegetables.
We left the fields and made our way further west and south, back towards I-8, then east, towards Yuma and our spot in the Yuma Foothills.
Jeanette is enjoying her coffee, while sitting on her favourite chair.  Check out her little coffee table!
Visiting my brother, Bernie and his wife, Rita.
We spent one afternoon visiting with Bernie and Rita, enjoying the hot sun in their back yard, and chatting about all sorts of topics.
Enjoying the hot sun.
Looking straight up at this palm tree in my brother's back yard.
Rita and Jeanette got busy with  moving the food stuff to the outdoor table where we enjoyed a nice dinner of meatballs, baked potatoes and fresh vegetable salad.
Eating outdoors is one of the snowbirding pleasures we enjoy during our months away from the Canadian west coast drizzle and clouds.
Digging in.
Thanks for a nice afternoon visit and a truly nice dinner, you two.  It's a good thing that we get out for some long, hardy, walks here in the Yuma area.  With all that eating, one needs to work off the calories.

And this colours our lives, these past few days. All is well.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Never tried a date shake, looks like you had a great day. Many more and enjoy!

  2. Those date shakes are sooooo good, but I found out a while ago that I'm allergic to them. I do get to watch Sylvia enjoy them though. It's warming up nicely in Gold Canyon too.

  3. We've kind of got hooked on those Date Shakes too which reminds me it's past time for another drive out to the Oasis Date Farm.

    Sure is nice now that the hot weather is here.

  4. Gotta try a date shake next year when are in the area!

  5. Love the date shakes from out west. You had a great day! We need a bit more heat here, but I think it is coming today.