Thursday, April 11, 2013

All About Easton's First Birthday...

Easton, our grandson, celebrated his first birthday, yesterday.  That was something to celebrate!  So we did just that!
Enjoying the fruit....
Give two kids some colourful things (fruit in this case) and they will entertain themselves.  That's just what occurred here.  We're not sure if Easton or Jeanette had the most fun.
Enjoying crawling around our home.....back and forth between the great room and the sun room!
Easton was over for a visit on Tuesday - one day before his official birthday - and had a great time exploring everything....and finding stuff to play with. It's fun to witness his intellect and personality growth. 
His Nana made his special birthday cake.
Bright and early yesterday morning, Jeanette was out the door, heading for the specific shopping areas that would fill her list of stuff required to build Easton a special 1st birthday cake.  Back home, she baked and decorated the cake.
Late afternoon Wednesday, April 10th, at Easton's home.
The maternal and paternal grandparents - and one maternal great grandmother - gathered at Ginette and Trevor's home to celebrate the little fella's birthday.  It was more fun for us than for him....but Easton did enjoy himself.  To have everyone fussing over cake and presents was clearly distracting.  He had fun doing the Flintstone thing on his deck scooter before  tasting his very first birthday cake.

We were so focused on Easton that we failed to snap photos of the other party attendees.
He had to blow out the candle....
It did not take too long before his little finger touched the icing on the cake....and found his mouth.  Hmmmm....that tasted really nice!  More!!!!!!
Ginette, Easton and Trevor.....sharing in the delight!
It wasn't long before there were some birthday presents to open.....and to play with......
Cleo, Trevor's maternal grandmother, was witness to the celebration.
Easton managed to coat himself in icing and cake....but I think Ginette had more fun watching her son enjoy the great taste.

Presents are opened....
A special hand made quilt and a farm yard set from Easton's Nana....(Jeanette)
His mom and dad got him this little deck pool play set - with boats and other floating stuff.  That will be fun on warm, outdoor days.
Easton got to stay up later than the norm....but when he was put to bed, he fell asleep quickly.
So, the past couple of days were pretty much focused on Easton's first birthday.

While Jeanette busied herself with cake production, I did some paper work before heading out - following a morning rain storm - to wash, detail and wax the motorcycle.  It needed it after riding behind the 5th wheel for the journey back home.

And that's the way it's been here...!

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  1. Wow, what a great first Birthday, I know that Easton had a great celebration!

  2. Happy Birthday to Easton. Wow I can't believe a year has gone by already. Easton is so adorable!!!!

    So happy the hear you made it home safe and sound.

    Take Care

  3. Grandkids and Birthdays are such fun. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Wow... 1 year already! Time flies! Happy Birthday Easton!!!

  5. Happy Happy birthday to Easton! and congrats to 'mom and dad' on surviving the first year of parenting!

  6. Nothing like a big family celebration for a a first birthday, too much fun.

  7. Happy Birthday, Easton.

    What a great photo of Easton and Jeanette at the end of this blog!

    Easton has learned the proper way to eat your 1st birthday cake - with his hands!!

  8. Looked like a great 1st birthday for Easton. Nice job Jeanette did on the cake. Sure he will be enjoying and having much fun with his deck pool in a few months. Enjoyed seeing your pic's. Have a great Friday!