Monday, April 29, 2013

Working the Keyboard...

It does happen, from time to time, that bloggers have little to report....or feel they have little to say.  These past few days reflects that for us.  It is not that we aren't busy, it's just that our activities of late seem to be less interesting to write or to read about.

I have been busy co-writing a substantive TV drama production bid, with the fella who purchased my multimedia production company, a few years back.  It is a demanding submission - requiring an unbelievable amount of detailed information. 

It's an interesting film project though! That is primarily why I agreed to lend my hand to it.  Should we be chosen as the successful proponent, I will produce the film and Shawn will direct it.
Over 30 pages of substantive information are required to fulfill the bid requirements.
The bidding process has been demanding.  No stone is left unturned, so to speak! It takes hours upon hours of thought and linear planning to put a complete production plan together; including film crew positions, assignments, casting calls, actor skills, locations, licensing, permits, make-up, wardrobe, insurance, catering, budgets and more.

I have been spending hours and hours thinking, researching, formulating and writing.
We'll see what happens.  I would give our bid a 1 in 6 or 7 chance of success.  We do not know how many companies were invited to bid but my guess - based on years of working in this industry - leads me to believe that six or seven companies will spend the exhaustive time putting a bid book together. That said, it was fun to, once again, get thoroughly focused in the world of the TV/Film business.  I chose to come on board and, if we are the successful proponent, I'll be busy with this project for two months, beginning this early June.  If not successful, I'll keep busy with all of the other activities we so often blog about.
Easton comes to visit and quickly heads for his toy basket in our home.
There have been short respite periods during the writing process.  Easton has dropped by a  few times and the break away from my office is most welcomed.  It freshens the writing juices.
Jeanette dropped by Easton's home to deliver a little fire truck toy we purchased during our RVing months in the desert.
Working the phone....
A fair bit of time was spent on the phones with potential creative contributors who would work on our drama project.  So many talented and creative positions need to be filled to produce this interactive TV project and we had to show that we have the talent pool available.  The phones lines were kept quite warm.  We now have our core film crew on board....and ready.

The decision makers will advise us by mid-May on their decision.  We'll hope for the best.  What else can we do?????
Jeanette and I will not be home when the bid decision is confirmed.  We will be somewhere in California, Oregon or Washington, riding our new motorcycle back home.  Blog readers will recall that we left the Harley Davidson in a storage facility in Palm Springs.  We did bring our older Nomad motorcycle back on our swivel wheel, on the drive back from the desert.  

We leave for Palm Springs on May 6th to retrieve the Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, and ride it home.  We're looking forward to that trip.  It will be a little holiday.
Looking forward to riding these new wheels back home.'s time to end this blog and head off to our accountant's office to sign off on our 2012 income tax documents.  Actually, the documents were emailed to us for signing.  I'm going to drop the signed forms back, along with a cheque to keep Revenue Canada's lights on.

Onwards and forward....!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Good luck with your proposal. It sounds like you're having fun no matter what the outcome.
    Don't feel too bad about writing the CRA a cheque. You're not alone.......

  2. Good luck on your bid, we get Requests For Proposal(RFP's) from time to time that require a lot of work and don't normally go anywhere. Hopes yours is different and enjoy your time with Easton!

  3. Here's wishing you the best of luck on your proposal and spending time with Easton. Have a Safe trip bringing the bike bake to Canada.

    It's about time.

  4. Good luck on your bid... That would keep you going for a bit! I hear it is super hot in Palm Springs! Good thing you are on the bike.

  5. Sounds like a pretty demanding project, Rene, good luck with your bid.

    Should be a nice ride back on the Harley from Palm Springs as well - especially if you still plan to take Hwy. 101.

  6. good luck with your project!!..a nice long ride is in your future, what fun that will be!

  7. The bid all together then just wait. Good Luck.
    Nothing like a nice long ride on your Harley while waiting.

  8. good luck with your bid, Rene! It will almost be like "not being retired"!