Saturday, April 6, 2013

Now in Northern California....

We arrived in Red Bluff, Northern California, at 1:40 pm, today.  The drive was great and, although I-5 was busier than one would have guessed for a Saturday,  traffic moved along well.
Our spot in Lost Hills, CA
Our spot tonight is at one of our favourite stops on the way down and on the way back home.  The sites are wide, with long pull throughs and they allow washing of RV's and vehicles.    Many northern bound snowbirds are here tonight, including a few British Columbians.
An inviting entrance to this lovely RV park.
Durango RV Resort is just off I-5 in the small city of Red Bluff, CA.  Our drive today covered 550 kilometres and, with a fuel stop near here, our total travel time was 5 hours, 30 minutes.  Not too bad!
Driving in....
Stopping here at Durango breaks our drive almost in half between Lost Hills, CA and Salem, Oregon.  We'll be in Salem tomorrow afternoon, following a  550 kilometres drive.  From Salem, it's about a 6 hour drive to our driveway in Langley, BC. - if the border entry is not too busy.
A very long pull through site.
 We are 63 feet in length - with the motorcycle swivel wheel in tow.  Check out the length of space available for super long, long RV's.
This pull through site is 100 ft. long.
Ultra clean, organized, level and spacious sites make this park a must 'stop over' for us.
The grounds, water fountains and endless walking paths - along the Sacramento River - make for a pleasant walk. It just feels good to be here.

Jeanette and I were set up then we walked the entire perimeter of the RV park, enjoying the flowers, trees, the river and all that this lovely spot has to offer.  We walked out of the park and to a small shopping centre nearby for a few needed groceries.

This evening, we'll take advantage of the outdoor heated pool and hot tub located at the club house.

That about covers our journey today.  Tomorrow will see us drive north and over the mountain passes into Oregon.  The weather service predicts rain for our drive to Salem and tomorrow's overnight stay.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like a great park. Wave to our daughter and son-in-law when you pass Wlisonville Oregon and safe travels.

  2. Kevin and Tracy,

    OK. We'll wave and perhaps also blow the horn if we don't spot any State troopers.

  3. Nice looking place, and you've got lots of room. Mind you you're 17 feet longer than us. Do you think they'd let in our mini unit ;)

  4. Great looking Park...lots of room for the toys....

  5. Travel safe, I imagine the highways are full of British Columbians heading north. As we came through Idaho and Montana it appeared that the Alberta plates with a few Saskatchewan folks added for spice out numbered the locals 4 to 1 on the highways.

  6. You're making good time Rene. After seeing your pics of the Durango RV Park, I'm definitely going to be stopping there the next time we're by that way. It looks beautiful!

    Safe travels home!

  7. Beautiful park, sure love those long pull through sites. Just hanging out watching the Vancouver, Flames game, 5-2 Vancouver. Wishing you both safe travels tomorrow! Enjoyed all your pic's.

  8. looks like a great spot for an overnighter..or even longer?..enjoy the last few days of travelling as you continue northward! you are getting closer!!

  9. Nice clean looking RV park and huge sites.
    Travel safe today on your way home.

  10. That park does know the meaning of "big rig friendly!"