Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Visitors, A Sleepover....and RV Repairs!!!!

Our weekend was a busy one.  Our son and his wife (Deni and Courtney) flew into Vancouver, from Edmonton, Alberta, to attend a wedding and visit with family.  They arrived on Friday evening and flew back home last evening.

Easton spends some time with his Aunt Courtney and Uncle Deni
Ginette and Trevor were attending the same wedding.  We were asked if Easton could have a sleepover at our home.  We were quick to say yes.  The little fella came over on Saturday morning and he kept us busy.
Easton loves to climb stairs - over and over and over again.....
The busy beaver that he is, Easton kept us hopping. He wants to walk - holding our fingers - back and forth...and all over.  And we did a lot of that.
When tired of walking, he played on his own
Jeanette and I had a great time with him.  When it was time for bed, he adapted quickly and slept the entire night....just like at home.
A family group shot - taken before our Sunday brunch
Easton had not seen his aunt and uncle since Christmas and it took a few minutes of warming up before he was game to to engage with them.  Once engaged, he was all in for the fun.

Courtney and Deni brought Easton a special wood box with various wood blocks.  A few books for some night time reading will be helpful soon too.

Jeanette went all out with preparations for our Sunday brunch.  What a meal that was!
Dessert was this key lime pie....and it was decorated to celebrate our son's recent birthday.
Easton was invited to help Deni blow out the candles....and he found that somewhat interesting.
Before leaving the house, Easton offers an unconditional bye bye hug.
Soon to hitch up and deliver the 5th wheel to the RV repair facility
Readers may recall the early January, 2013, tire blowout we faced while on I-5 in southern California.  That caused a lot of damage to the wiring and skirting. 

 Being a polar unit - with a sealed underbelly - the tire blast left a fair bit of work to be completed back here, following the emergency repairs we had done in Bakersfield, CA.  

Our insurance company was great to deal with, to cover the emergency repairs, and we had an understanding that once back in BC, the balance of the repairs - including body work - would be completed.  That is what will happen in the weeks ahead.

A destroyed near new tire.....!
I  do have a substantive story to relate about exploding tires and will blog about that in the weeks ahead.  Before that happens, a fair bit of research is required.  I have numerous photos and I believe most, if not all, RVers will be interested in our experiences and findings.

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  1. Your photos of Easton are making me very anxious for the arrival of our little Grandson in just a few months.

    That's a great family group photo of everyone on the floor - especially of little Easton!

    I'll be very interested to see how the repairs progress on your 5'er especially the fiberglass portion.

  2. Sounds like a great visit, always nice to have family in the house, especially the little ones. Hope your repair is fast and painless...and covered by insurance would be even better!

  3. Great shots of Easton!

    Tires can certainly be a problem...

  4. Grand babies are the best. We experienced a blow out on our former 5th wheel once--it can cause an incredible amount of damage!

  5. Boy Easton is really growing. He is a real cutie! Congrats on your article in RV West. It was well done and it is nice to know some celebrities! Take care. Hope the repairs go smoothly.

  6. Sure looked like a nice family weekend, and so much fun with Easton getting to the toddler stage. Enjoyed your pictures. Great article the magazine did about you and Jeanette, enjoyed the read. Have a great Tuesday!

  7. Congrats on the article in RV West magazine about you two! Very nice.

  8. It would’ve been a wholly fun weekend if not for the RV trouble. All the same, it’s good to hear that the completion of the repair was planned out. It would lessen the delay before you can get back on the road again unworried. Liza@Prairie City RV Center