Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Party and RV Cleaning

The party was Easton's second to celebrate his first year on earth....but it focused more on other kids and their parents.

Busy with cake decorating
Jeanette spent her Saturday baking and then decorating Easton's second birthday cake.  It was to be a John Deere theme.  So, everyone had to dress in green, yellow and black.
Jeanette's version of a John Deere cake
After attending my first (of the year) 'Open Mike' Sunday morning, guys' coffee session, I drove over to Ginette, Trevor and Easton's home to find the house full of kids and their parents. It was noisy...but in a fun way.
Party in full swing
Everyone one was having a fun time
Attendees were Ginette and Trevor's friends.
Everything was themed on John Deere; even the plates, napkins and kid boxes!
While Jeanette was busy baking and decorating a tractor cake, Ginette was buys making green and yellow cupcakes.
A photo with the cake baker before Easton gets his hands on it.
The cake was good but playing around was far more fun.
Easton enjoyed his first birthday, surrounded by like minded little friends, and playing with his new John Deere toys.  What's not to like about that?
Monday finally brought some welcome relief from the near constant rains, since our return from the desert.  I spent the entire day outdoors.  The 5th wheel and truck needed a good wash. 
Soap, water, a brush and some elbow grease was applied in earnest.
I started with the roof.  It is nice and white, once again.  I checked for potential cracks in the caulking and, noticing a few, I filled them with RV Rubber Roof  caulking.  The roof did look fine, otherwise.

I removed all Tire Pressure Monitoring  (TPMS)caps from the valve stems on the 5th wheel and the truck.  They are stored away till the next big trip.
After the truck was washed and detailed, I removed the Tire Pressure Monitoring Caps that are attached to the valve stems.
A close up view of the Tire Pressure Monitoring cap
I will write more about our experience with a TPSM system in a future  blog but initial thoughts are very positive.  To see each tire pressure, from the cab of the truck, is very satisfying.  We're impressed.  The system worked without fault.

For those RVers who are interested in reading about the TMPS we purchased, here is the WEB link -  Tire-SafeGuard

It was sunny and warm out and I was energized to take advantage of the great weather.  Out came the RV BarBQ and the house BarBQ.  I sprayed all the grease areas, soaked the grills and, after lunch, I sprayed everything clean. 
Drying out in the sun
Nice and bright
 It did take a little bit of elbow grease to clean everything up but it's nice to have the Weber nice and clean, and ready for its next RV journey.
The home BarBQ is shiny and bright, once again.
Before I put everything away, I fired up both grills and let them get nice and hot.  Once cooled off - with all systems working well - The Weber was stored in the 5th wheel and the large Napoleon was returned to its rightful spot on the back deck.
Writing about cleaning and degreasing is not the most exciting blog topic but it was my reality.  With that work done, there is nary a spec of desert dust left.  The next job will see us vacuuming, dusting and shampooing the carpets inside the RV.  That will have to wait for another day because today is blocked with errands and meetings.


  1. Jobs that need to be done, Our Weber Q gets used pretty well everyday year round and get cleaned frequently, but just does not look new anymore. Still works good.

  2. Sounds like you have been real busy since you arrived home, Easton's B'Day Party looked great, that cake made me hungry!

  3. Now that is one great looking J.D. party! Now all is clean again, time to hit the road?

  4. Jeanette sure did a great job on Easton's Birthday Cake. Same with all the other John Deere cupcakes etc.

    Like you, I'm plodding along getting all of our post travel jobs taken care of. Today, I emptied and organized our main cargo basement.

    You're ahead of me on washing the rig and cleaning up the Weber grill but I'll get to those in the next few days.

  5. your family sure knows how to throw a party!!! great theme for Easton's other shindig!

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