Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paper, Cleaning and Controversy.....

There is not much to today's blog that would shake the blogging world.  It's been raining, these past few days.  The result!  I have not been able to wash and prep the 5th wheel but I did managed to wash, detail and wax the motorcycle.
All washed up...!  The road grit is gone and it sits waiting for some nicer weather.
The rain did present advantages though.  It forced me to sit at my desk and prepare all the paperwork for our accountant to complete our income taxes for 2012.  That job is done and the envelope will find its way to the accountant's desk in the next day or so.

While on the paper work - and watching the rain fall outdoors - I kept my eye on the first two rounds of The Masters PGA Golf Tournament.  Several of my favourite players are in the running and could make a solid move towards winning the famous green jacket.
A Tiger Woods penalty drop has created all kinds of controversy.
When I'm checking email and blogs, I often have the office TV tuned to the Golf Channel.  This morning, I was distracted by the huge controversy that erupted following yesterday's round at The Masters.  I did see the good chip shot that Tiger Woods made (on the 15th hole) that hit the flag stick and rolled backwards into the water hazard. He decided to drop his ball near his original strike (a divot) but he violated one of the major playing rules.  He was assessed a two stroke penalty.

The more contested controversy is whether or not he should be disqualified from playing the final two rounds.  There is precedent that says he should be disqualified.  The rules committee has now created what many are calling a new precedent (likely to be known as the Tiger rule, going forward) and is allowing Tiger to play the final two rounds.

The controversy is ongoing.  We'll see what transpires.

Easton is soon to be walking on his own.
Our little grandson continues to be energized with his new found ability to walk around with the help of a rolling toy.  It's just a matter of time before he figures out that his two legs will support him once he finds his balance.
He is a monkey though!  He loves to climb the family cat tree....and he does this over and over and over.
The family cat can be seen (tail hanging out) in her safe house.  With Easton sharing her cat tree, she keeps patient with him. 
With the belief that the rain has ended, I look forward to getting outdoors, with a soapy bucket, brush and hose, to wash our 5th wheel.  The balance of the day will be spent watching The PGA Masters Golf Tournament and trying to learn a thing or two about complex and difficult rules. 

 Tiger Woods might be disqualified from the Masters for illegal drop | Golf | Sports | National Post
FYI:  As of this writing, most golf annalists (including several former PGA players) believe Tiger should take the high road and remove himself from playing the final two rounds of The Masters.  It seems Tiger has opted to continue play.  More controversy will follow his decision.  I remain tuned to this bit of news.

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  1. Interesting golf controversy, Rene.

    I watched Tiger's drop at the time and no one said a thing. The Master's Rules Committee has stated that they reviewed Tiger's drop BEFORE he finished his round and did not assess a penalty and waived the whole signing-an-incorrect-scorecard thing.

    The rule the Masters is using is a fairly new one and many players are supporting the decision as fair and equitable.

    I'll be interested to see how Tiger's play is affected by all of this - will he suffer because of it or will he play even better??

  2. Agreed Rick! A precedent has now been set and it will, likely, be known as the Tiger precedent going forward.

    There is a whack of disagreement in the golf world about the ruling though!!!!

  3. What a great post and photos. Thank you so much for sharing. Bonjour de Montreal!

  4. Hi Rene, in all the excitement about Tiger, I forgot the more important stuff - great photos of Easton climbing in the Cat Tree. I wonder if the cat would give Easton a penalty for that??

  5. Crazy that a fan watching TV, calls in a complaint...and a Player gets a two stroke penalty! Only in golf!

  6. A rainy day once is a while is nice for a change. Now you get back to being busy again.