Friday, May 3, 2013

It Wasn't All Work.....

The 'drama production bid' we've been diligently working on had to be completed and tendered by 2:00 pm yesterday.  And it was!  Phew!  That was demanding!

Meeting at our home @ 10:30 am yesterday.
While Shawn (co-producer on this bid and the fella who purchased my former business, Pacific Producers Group Inc.) was busy delivering the bid to its rightful depository, Jeanette and I joined our daughter in law's mom, Barb and her fella Doug, on a motorcycle ride to find a lunch spot in Harrison Hot Springs resort - a mere 90 miles (150 km) from our home.

We left our place and headed almost due east on back country roads.  Anytime we can avoid highways and freeways while riding is far more enjoyable. That's easy to do during a work day.
A tributary of the mighty Fraser River.
 We rolled into the back side of the city of Abbotsford, BC, before heading north toward the little city of Mission - just over the Fraser River. Half way into our ride, we stopped for a little break.
It was a most beautiful and warm day in the Fraser Valley.
We rode through some of British Columbia's rich delta.  It is dotted with farms.  The first cut of hay was well underway and to smell that fresh cut is wonderful.  Raised on a farm, Jeanette loves that fresh cut hay smell. I like it too.
A few log booms dot the Harrison River (which bleeds into the Fraser River).
We rode through prairie, hillsides and mountains before rolling into the resort town of Harrison Hot Springs.
One of the many farms along the ride.
We rode into this beautiful resort and had all kinds of choices for parking and restaurants.
It is too early for the tourist season (other than weekends) so we had the resort town almost to ourselves.  There were other families enjoying the lake and walking trails but by and large, it was quiet.
We chose to eat here at the Muddy Waters Cafe.  And it was good food.
The last time we had seen Barb and Doug was in Palm Springs - about seven weeks ago.  Our son and his wife had flown down from Edmonton, Alberta, for some sun and fun.  

And the last time Jeanette and I had been on a day long motorcycle ride was exactly one month ago, yesterday, when we rode from Desert Hot Springs, through Palm Desert, up and into the San Jacinto mountains, to a height of 7,000 feet and into the pretty little mountain town of Idylwilld, CA.
Barb and Jeanette - the two moms for Courtney and Deni
We chose to continue our post lunch ride and headed south towards the small city of Chilliwack, BC, through more Fraser Valley farming country, skirting the mountains along the US border as we rode back for home.
We all marveled at just how beautiful a day it was.
With most good folks at work, we had the roads mostly to ourselves and that makes motorcycling such a thrill in these parts.
Waiting for a green light in Chilliwack, BC.
We also had time to spend with our favourite little fella Easton these past few days.  I went to keep him company on Wednesday, late afternoon, so that his mom and nana could run some errands.
Climbing his cat tree.  (Note the cat sitting above Easton)
Notice the cat (Kuma) taking a leap away from Easton
This was on Tuesday at our home when Easton dropped by with his mom.  He is into opening kitchen cupboards and getting busy emptying them.
Easton was not thrilled when I started the motorcycle.  He'll get familiar with the sound over time though.
Well....there you have it.  Our Pacific west coast weather is just as we like it.  It is stunningly beautiful and the weather girl is calling for several more days like yesterday.  No complaints here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Maybe you need to pick up a GoldWing. My bike never scared the grandkids at all. Mind you it sounds more like a sewing machine than a 'Real' motorcycle according to my Harley riding buddies :)

  2. A perfect day for a roadtrip enjoying the wonderful weather.

  3. Glad to see that you got that working stuff out of your life for a while at least. Actually over here on the other side of the Rockies we are expecting some nice weather also, for the next little while.

  4. enjoy the weekend! going to be a good one!!

  5. Good luck again with the TV project.

    It's certainly going to be bike riding weather this weekend and I hope it lasts for a while.

    Easton is really moving around well and keeping himself busy and amused - great to see his pics!

  6. Wow...great places to ride the bikes!