Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crescent City in Northern California

We had a good ride yesterday.  We left Petaluma @ 9:00 am in full riding gear.  Marine cloud was keeping the sun at bay and it was quite cool. One hour later the sun was out and it got very warm.  The heated gear came off.
Riding on the edge of wine country
We rode past several small wineries along route 101.  This northern California country is very pretty.  Hillsides with grapes vines, trees and meadows, lit up by the sun, made for pleasant viewing as we rolled.
Before long we were into some big trees.  The Redwood forests are beautiful....pure and simple!
The 101 took us through seaside, hillside, meadow and big tree scenery.  We were kept busy taking in the sights.
Gentle riding through easy curves made this ride most relaxing.  The 101 is a real pleasure for motorcyclists.  And we met many more motorcyclists; including a group of 12 from Germany and later in the day, a group of 6 from Copenhagen, Denmark.  They all rode rented Harley Davidson motorcycles.  We exchanged some fun chatter with them.
The usual tourist pit stops
Chainsaw artists are truly gifted.  Most of their work with huge redwood stumps is incredible.
We arrived in Eureka, CA, in mid-afternoon.  We weren't tired and both agreed that Crescent City - further north - would be an ideal overnight spot.  So we pushed off.....!
Rolling through Eureka, CA.
It was not long before we were in the heart of the Redwood forests. The sun was out in full blast but once in the forest, all one gets to see are the sun flares glistening off the the moss and wet tree trunks.
Some curves but these were easily navigateable compared to some of the twists and turns from the previous day.
The seaside brought cooling temperatures and marine fog.
About 90 minutes south from Crescent City, the air cooled off quickly.  We had to stop and gear up with the electrically heated riding gear.  The Danish motorcyclists we met were frozen and complaining about the cold, unseasonable temperatures. They were most interested is seeing our riding gear.
Only a few sharp curves along the route today.
Likely millions of photos are taken in front of this Redwood tree.
I stayed plugged in with heat while Jeanette ran around getting photos....and getting me to take this photo of her inside the trunk of this 2000 + year old tree.

Marin fog rolled in....then out....then in.....
The marine fog worked its way through the Redwood forest too.  It had a mystical feel to it.

Once out of the Redwood forest, the marine fog abated and we had a better view of the sea shore.  The clouds did not go away though and the balance of our day was under cloud cover.

This restaurant was recommended by the young lady at the motel counter.  It was all she said it would be.  In our view....4+ stars!
Jeanette had a huge plate of clams mixed with other seafood and I had a combo plate of cod, scallops and shrimp.  It was really, really good!
Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City - First operated in 1856.
Early evening....
The Danish motorcyclists chose to overnight at the same motel as us.  We had the time to share road stories with these like minded riders.  

They are heading for Portland, Oregon today while Jeanette and I head further north on the 101 for the Oregon coast.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ahh, nice to see another viewpoint of a very familiar drive for us in the MoHo. Looks like great fun on a motorcycle. Enjoy the Oregon Coast! fog and all. A friend who worked in Arcata for years said she was so happy to move out of the year round fog.

  2. More great memories for me in seeing all your photos. Paulette took the exact same one of the Willit's sign as Jeanette.

    Marine Fog seems to be a part of life on the northern California coast.

  3. Definitely a route to put on our bucket list. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. we have been to the Battery Point Lighthouse a few years ago!..tide was out so we were able to walk out to it! The redwoods are amazing!!

  5. Wow...gotta go there now! What a great ride you are enjoying.

  6. Just loving your tour, someday for us too.
    Nice that you have the electric heated gear.

  7. We actually did a tour of Crescent City lighthouse on our way north on 101 a couple of years ago. Nice to see familiar sights! I grabbed this HDR image of the lighthouse.